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Response to 'Apathy or Peace' opinion
June 09, 2012 | 04:04 PM

Hi Lissie, I've just read your views on the emotional climate in this country and as a non-Christian have seen this in a different way. I, and people like me are really no different. We are happy, sad, frustrated, quirky, same as anyone. Maybe more frustrated at times, be cause while we don't try to make others live as we do, there are those who think we need to be 'helped' into living as they do. I'm okay with buying alcohol on days other than Sunday, but, while I hate to see any life treated with disrespect (including other animals), I would never tell a woman that she must have an unwanted baby no matter what in a world already overpopulated and I also would never tell someone that they couldn't marry the person they loved. I am happy with my faith and want to treat others with respect and the kind of love that sees no need to 'help' other than to be there when truly wanted. Before people could openly dissent, horrible atrocities occurred. Women died by coat hanger and motor oil in back alley abortions and thousands of homosexuals were rounded up and sterilized. Unfortunately, there are always the kind of insecure people waiting in the shadows for a more zealous right to open the doors for the return and acceptance of such cruelty and worse. It's time we started working at loving each other as we are. There are no easy answers, but telling people they are wrong according to your particular faith and pushing them to conform as if they were wrong for not believing what you do is not a way that has ever worked. Acceptance and efforts at understanding are a good start. You are welcome in my home any time for tea and such talk:)

Lyn Humphries
Barbara Shaw
Schuler Bauer
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