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February 13, 2008 | 08:20 PM

Ok, let's just hold our horses here for a minute ... We need to talk about this. This particular sewer problem is Georgetown's dilemma correct ? I wasn't aware that the majority of the New Salisbury area required a large plant if any. And the particular area I was aware of are not considered permanent in nature. Which would lead to the next question, exactly what amount of money would individual home owners be expected to pay for such a connection ??? Normal home sites in my area can easily sit 600 - 800 ft. and more from the road and generally situated on several acres. What concerns me and comes to my mind is Cable alone wanting $4.00 a foot just to lay cable to my home and that was just a 'cable'. That alone was expected to cost me $ 3,200.00 for installation alone. Verizon has since come along, a competitor. Question being, who will be expected to pay for a sewage installation and connection to my home situated 700 ft. from the road, sitting on 8 acres with 2 occupants ? Me ? Us ? the homeowners ? But if I didn't pay the hook-up fee set by our local politicians, they would have the right to put a lien on my home ? Correct ? It's evident that there are many 'critical' issues to be discussed with the Homeowners and tax payers of Harrison County for what is obviously a Georgetown crisis. By the way, I personally didn't move to New Salisbury for fast-food, I've heard there is an obesity crisis in the United States and when I do want it ~ Corydon is conveniently located. I moved to New Salisbury for peace, quiet, the lack of smog and pollution, clean air, clean roads, clean creeks, nature and peace of mind. Growth is totally overrated.

Pamela Meredith-Hutchens, New Salisbury
Barbara Shaw
Schuler Bauer
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