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No to Waxman/Markey Cap and Trade

Salem, Ind.

As a Hoosier, I am concerned about a bill that is in Congress right now, known as Waxman/Markey Cap and Trade Clean Energy bill. Some groups have been running commercials on TV promoting it. Unfortunately, these commercials fail to tell the whole story behind the Waxman/Markey bill.

This bill will place high taxes on carbon-based fuels like coal, natural gas and petroleum. Those high taxes will translate to increased rates on our electricity, natural gas for heating and gasoline at the pumps. It is quite likely that utility rates could double for most consumers, and, in these uncertain economic times, Hoosiers can't afford these additional costs.

This bill has a specific proposal that sets a low carbon fuel standard. This part of the bill alone will eliminate America's ability to refine and use Canadian oil. This could eliminate 14 percent of our energy supply. The BP refinery in Whiting, Ind., is currently undergoing a $3.8 billion expansion that is creating 4,000 construction jobs. This is the largest economic development project in Indiana history. The purpose of this expansion is to refine the very Canadian oil that the Waxman/Markey bill would eliminate.

If Indiana cannot refine Canadian oil, this oil will be refined in other parts of the world then sold to the United States. This means other countries will get the benefit of these jobs, instead of Indiana and the United States.

I believe we should shift toward green technology for our energy needs and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. I also think it makes more sense to reduce the cost of green energy technology and its implementation than increasing the cost of carbon-based fuels to a level that will make them competitively priced with the higher-priced green energy. Hoosiers can't afford the higher costs, loss of jobs and the loss of valuable Canadian oil.

Please contact Congress-man Baron Hill, who is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and ask him to vote NO on the Waxman/Markey Cap and Trade bill. His phone number is toll-free 1-866-440-1321.

Steve Davisson
June 03, 2009

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