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Its a Boiler not an Incinerator!

I realize that there are some people that live across the road from where they are going to build this plant that are not going to be happy.

But I dont agree with alot of things being said about the polluting. The systems that I've operated have a monitoring system called CEMS. It monitors all the metals and carbons that you all have been talking about.

Computer Emmisions Monitoring Systems. It dont lie and I can not lie to it. The EPA goes through the Data all the time and is connected to a data base that they can monitor any time they want.

There are actually two systems in place so that you always have a back up. Can't run without it. If it runs above the permit limits,it shuts the Boilers down.(Every thing permited)

Most people see something coming out of a stack and think its smoke ,but its usually condensate. If your running a boiler with the right mixture of 02 its a clean burn,cleaner than wood stoves,where you just throw in wood and are not monitoring how clean its burning.

Waste,there just isnt that much waste,just ash. Water is turned to steam and used to power Turbines.

Cooling water is recycled in an loop.If its to be discarded it goes through a water treatment facility.

AS far as noise ,most equipment is indoors out of the weather.

Someone on here said something about wildlife, We have deer,fox,raccoons and eagles around our plant,some are like pets.

I just havent seen the things that some people complaining about happen in the 22 years I've been around this type of work happen.

I think this is a good thing for OUR community,we need good jobs in Crawford County.

I wish the Concerned Citizens of Crawford County would be concerned with the Trashy property problem we have. I can't get anything done about it.

Don Lone
June 04, 2009

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