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Take interest, ask questions

Marengo, Ind.

It is very alarming to me that the people in Crawford County are not more concerned with the proposed biomass plant at Milltown.

I see a lot of the same people at these biomass meetings. These people are trying to protect their community, their property, their water and air. They need the support of family and friends from other areas of Crawford County. Just because you live outside Milltown does not mean this biomass plant won't affect you. Polluting affects everyone, young and old alike.

Crawford County has generations of families that are born and raised here. My 15-year-old daughter is the eighth generation still living on the family farm. We want to protect our property and the environment around us. One person cannot stand alone to fight what is wrong for this community. Our elected officials have not made any decisions in the last year to protect our county. They would have never questioned the risk this plant has if the Concerned Citizens had not stepped up and asked questions.

I cannot emphasize enough for citizens of Crawford County to start attending commissioner, county council, town and school board and numerous other meetings in the county. Your involvement is necessary. Citizens need to care more about their community, their neighbors and their health.

I just don't understand why Leavenworth, Marengo and English residents are not more concerned with this issue of the biomass plant. I'm asking everyone to please get out and attend these meetings. Educate yourself on biomass and other issues in the community. You will be surprised to learn the truth. And surprised that our elected officials do not study and learn about serious issues that affect us and our county, especially when you're trusting them to do so.

This biomass issue has taught my daughter and myself a valuable lesson in life: Never settle on letting others make your decisions for you; speak up and state your own opinion.

I do not want this biomass plant in my community. I want to continue to have fresh drinking water from my well and clean air to breathe for the next eight generations of my family. I am not going to let multi-million-dollar companies run me away from my home and destroy my community.

Jennifer Davis
January 27, 2010

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