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Cable or Cable News ?

I have read a few articles from The Clarion's opinionated news source, Mr. Lee Cable. It is evident to me that his bias opinion is strickly that. He has a tendency or preference toward a particular perspective or ideology. He is not being impartial or objective in his letters to the public. That is his right of course but it shouldn't be his agenda on trying to influence others with his beliefs. A good majority of Americans are fed up with Big government. It is NOT the Federal government's duty, to try and make us do, what they want.

The Progressive agenda is being revealed and it's all coming to a head now with the help of caring watchdogs in our country. We are being made aware and that is what Mr. Cable is afraid of. That people, if they stop and think for a moment, that things are gonna change back to the way they used to be. Not the way of today, but the way of yesteryears gone past. The way our forefathers brought it about. '

When the Founding Fathers were in conference trying to ratify a government for us, Benjamin Franklin emerged and was asked by a woman waiting outside, "Sir, what have you given us?" Mr. Franklin replied, 'a Republic ma'mm,,IF you can keep it" It is evident that we have lost our way and need to get back what made this country we call , The United States of America, stood for. Our government is a REPUBLIC,,not a democracy. The way the people vote to put in place the officials who make our laws is democratic, hence a democracy but our government is a Republic.

Say the Pledge of Alligence to yourself. See what I mean. And to the Republic for which it STANDS, One nation under GOD. Mr. Cable needs to tell you all the whole truth and story. Not just His ideology. This fall, We the PEOPLE will finally have the final say as to whom will be making our laws and finally realizing that big government is wrong. It might be politically correct, but that doesn't make it,,,RIGHT!

As for Mr. Cable, I think he needs to watch more of Fox News, then the self appointed agenda news agencies that exist. He would then be made aware of what is actually good for the USA.

Joe Schlachter
January 27, 2010

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