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Thank you, Clarion News

For most of us from Crawford County, the Clarion has been a featured part of our lives from our youth. Each week, we have gone to the mailbox anticipating what would be in it, even looking at it on the way back to the house. We never doubted it would be there. Now, neighboring towns enjoy it, as well.

As an investigator, whether I am working in the county or out, my Clarion goes with me or is sent to me to keep me connected to the county, as it does all of us.

Thanks to it, we have known who has run for public office and who has won, where we can attend church, where to go to buy in the classified ads, as well as sell, where the current yard sales, auctions and public notices are, and what real estate is for sale or rent.

We know when something new is opened and when something old must be torn down. We know who has been born, married, divorced and died. We know the legal affairs from the Court News. We get to read what people's opinions are of what's been published and try the new recipes, and always enjoy the new things the Clarion adds.

Not all counties can say they have had a paper as long as we have had the Clarion. It has been a mainstay in our lives and without charge. It is a paper for all the people, and whether we have agreed with all that has been printed or not, we are still glad it was. Some articles made us laugh, others cry, some we took seriously, others entertaining, but all the things printed have kept us knowing what is going on and connected as a county, as we all should be.

So, in conclusion, let me say to all those who have and still do make the Clarion possible each week, it has been appreciated. Thank you very much.

James David Spalds
April 08, 2010

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