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17 months is long enough

Marengo, Ind.

How long does it take the Crawford County Commissioners to pass an ordinance? How long does it take to protect the people you were elected to represent? Hopefully, no longer than 17 months.

In that time period, Crawford County Concerned Citizens have gathered 2,200 signatures on a petition from concerned citizens, gathered boxes full of research, read multiple IDEM permits, made government officials aware of the harmful effects of biomass incineration, have had meetings with EPA and Department of Agriculture, participated in getting bills passed against burning construction debris, participated in getting subsidies lowered for biomass fuel production, gained nationwide support of 75,000 doctors against biomass incineration (15 of those are from Scottsburg) joined 78 groups which filed an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) complaint against Liberty Green Renewables, became a source of inspiration for other communities fighting against biomass incinerators, gained the support of government officials and candidates, brought to light the harmful effects and mass consumption of our precious resources (such as water) resulting from biomass incineration and been supported by a multitude of environmental organizations. All of this has been done to protect the community, the environment and all of the things we hold dear.

The only task we have asked of the commissioners throughout the past 17 months is to pass an ordinance. This could be achieved within the time span of one evening's meeting. In comparison to all we have done in the past 17 months, I don't believe this is too much to ask of our county commissioners. This is what they have been elected to do.

It is "We the people," not "We the commissioners." By their vote on the ordinance, they will prove if they really care about the people of this community and their well-being. Please attend the upcoming Crawford County commissioners' meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30 p.m. at the Crawford County Judicial Complex. The time is now!

Cara Beth Jones
April 28, 2010

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