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YMCA of SI says thanks

The YMCA of Southern Indiana has always been rooted in the communities we serve. In this season, however, we are particularly proud of the thousands of people — from little children to seniors — who have also felt the depth of those roots by partnering with us to reach out even more.

Our recent annual Strong Kids Campaign overshot our hefty goal of $100,000 and drew in a total of $181,877, thanks to individuals, families, YMCA members, staff, board members, corporate citizens and organizations. That is so impressive, and you all deserve to share in the pride we feel about that final tally and what it will mean to our citizens in the coming year.

Together, with their generous donations of all amounts, donors exemplified the spirit that many communities strive to nurture but which we right here in Southern Indiana hold in our hands. Not only did you open your hearts and checkbooks for this campaign that makes the YMCA accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, but you did so with an enthusiasm that spoke volumes. You demonstrated that the joy is in the journey and that the process is as important as the result. The icing on the cake was the surprise $50,000 which the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County presented at our campaign's wrap-up celebration. Following that, in May, another $20,000 was given by the Community Relief Fund, a partnership between the Paul Ogle Foundation, the Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County and the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana.

With great sincerity, the YMCA publicly thanks the entire community for participating and sharing hard-earned resources in this tough economy for the benefit of others and for the common good of this place we call home. You made us so very proud to be located in Clark and Floyd counties and to know and have the privilege of serving each of you. Thank you so much!

Bob Kleehamer and Diane Thomas, YMCA Board Members and Campaign Co-Chairs
June 23, 2010

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