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Poilce chief answers Clarion Call

Editor's note: This letter is in regard to the following Clarion Call and editor's note that were published in the Nov. 3 issue:

"I was coming back from New Albany today and in New Salisbury there was a big vessel of some sort with an escort, front and back, going down the road. And before we got out of New Salisbury, the Milltown cop had him pulled over. Does he have the right to pull anybody over anywhere and anytime he pleases? If you could respond to this I'd sure appreciate it.

Editor's note: As a law enforcement officer, a town marshal has jurisdiction outside of the town limits."

I am writing in response to a Clarion Call and your editor's note that was published in the Nov. 3 paper. The caller saw a police unit and assumed the officer was making a traffic stop. The caller asked you to respond to their inquiry and you did, but not with the facts of what had happened. The fact is, on that particular day, the officer did not make a traffic stop, but was assisting with the escort the caller saw until additional police units could arrive from the Harrison County Sheriff's Department and the Indiana State Police to assist the vessel in moving safely down the roadway. It would have been nice if you had contacted the police de-partment to inquire about the situation and to see what the officer was doing so you could let the public know that the officer was doing his job, which in this case, was trying to keep the public safe. Your editor's note is true; all police officers in Indiana have statewide authority, including town marshals, but that response did nothing to answer the caller's question. I would like to personally thank you for allowing me this opportunity to do that.

Ray E. Saylor, Chief of the Milltown Police Department
Milltown, Ind.
November 16, 2010

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