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A heartfelt thanks

As I began to pen the words to express my gratitude to all who have come to our aid during this difficult time, I was struck with this realization: Mere words will never convey what we have felt deep within our hearts! There have been many acts of kindness. To individually name each one is simply impossible!

We would like to take this time to say a personal "thank you" to each one of you who has helped us during our time of need. We do wish to publicly say "thanks" to the following people:

Bridgett Hoten for following the leading of her heart to host a benefit on my behalf. Your thoughtfulness, in the midst of your own personal heart-aches, proves what a special person you are!

Cory, Casey, Ashley, Samantha and Roger, for all you did to help put the benefit together. Thanks so much! Karen, Rhonda, Connie and Stephanie, thanks for the wonderful job done! Love ya!

Jerry Sanders and Abe for the wood donated. Paul Moon and friend for the carvings. Awesome job!

All you who donated items, money and time thanks!

Those who sang: Men of Hope, Emily Pinnick, Kenny Payne. Thanks!

Rhonda, Patty and Taron, thanks for keeping the refreshment stands going!

Tell City Coca-Cola, wow! A great big thanks for all your contributions!

Special thanks to local churches that have given and given Little Mission, Tunnel Hill and Valeene Wesleyan.

To my own family and church family, you have stood by us and held us up through it all. We couldn't have made it this far without you!

I don't want to fail to thank the One who has helped through it all God! He continues to show me that things impossible for man ARE possible with God! He is the Great Physician! We are trusting Him for a miracle, and it seems He is in the process of giving us the miracle we are praying for!

Much love and appreciation to all!

Judy Sheckells and family
Carefree, Ind.
January 05, 2011

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