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The drive for 100

This letter is to inform you that we have started our annual fundraiser for our Christmas shopping program that has helped approximately 600 needy kids in the last 10 years. It was formerly known as "Shop with a Cop" but, due to a copyright issue, we now use the name FOP Cops and Kids.

I want to first personally thank each and every person and business that contributed during last year's Cops and Kids program. We had originally planned to take 50 kids and spend $200 per child, but, due to this area's great generosity, we were able to take 76 kids and spend $250 per child. We also gave each child a $15 gift certificate to McDonald's. In total, we spent more than $20,000 providing Christmas assistance to needy kids in Crawford, Harrison and Floyd counties.

With that being said, we have made it our goal to take 100 kids shopping in 2011, and we need your help.

We again will be taking children from Floyd, Harrison and Crawford counties shopping with us on Dec. 10 at Walmart in Corydon. I was told by more than one parent during last year's shopping that, if it was not for this program, many of the kids would have had no Christmas at all. Of the $250 given to each child, they must spend at least $200 on clothing. The remaining can be spent on toys or more clothes. We are sales tax exempt, meaning that each child gets a full $250 to spend.

The Frank C. Denzinger FOP Lodge does not solicit for this great program — or anything else — by telephone. All contact with our supporters is done a letter. This is a great program and our overhead is extremely low, thus allowing nearly all of the money raised to be spent on the children.

Again, thank you for your continued support. Without you, this annual tradition of helping those in need would be next to impossible. Donations can be mailed to: FOP Cops and Kids, P.O. Box 143, Georgetown, IN 47122.

Bill Wibbels, FOP Lodge President
December 08, 2011

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