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Partisan reporting

OK, Lee Cable is a left-leaning columnist, I get it. I've been following his crusade, uh, reporting on the "right-to-work" legislation in Indianapolis, the latest attack pieces being "Local laborers pledge to keep fighting 'Right to Work,' " and the bandanna and bell-bottoms lap around Woodstock, "This land was made for you and me." Truth-seeking columnists shouldn't lean, but then there is reality.

We know the labor side of this issue quite well, as it seems to be the laser beam-like focus of Mr. Cable. But, let's be clear, as I'd hope an objective, truth-seeking newspaper, however big or small, would want to be. The right-to-work issue is simple.

In the interest of simplification and clarity without a lean, right to work is about a person wanting to work but not wanting to line up with the union beliefs. Let's look at the evidence. Democrats fighting Republicans in the Statehouse and across the country, with rank-and-file union members and leaders standing with Democrats amazing! a union of sorts, wouldn't you say? Let's not neglect to include Mr. Cable and the Clarion News in this, well, increasingly lopsided conflict.

Unions support Democrats; it's an overwhelming evidentiary fact which cannot be ignored. Some people want to work — as carpenters, pipefitters, welders, etc. — and even for a union outfit. Only they don't support Democrats. They don't support liberalism and don't want to support unions that do. Thus, they don't want to pay union dues. That's the problem!

Some of the opposition are Republicans, conservatives, independents, what have you. They recognize the Democrat/union partnership. They're philosophically opposed and don't want anything to do with it, knowing full well the union and the dues it collects overwhelmingly support the Democrat party, by extension we might add the Clarion News and a leaning Mr. Cable.

People want to work and have the right to work anywhere. Anywhere their passions and skills can be utilized, they deserve to be able to work. They should have a right to decline paying union dues that contradict their political, philosophical and religious beliefs, thus the "right to work."

The issue is about the money — surprise, surprise — as stated by union representative Bill Lundgren in Cable's Jan. 18, 2012, piece. He stated, "They (obviously Republicans) think nothing of taking away our right to collect dues, which would allow those not paying dues to have the same benefits of those of us who do." Meaning, those of us who do support Democrat, liberal, union ideas and objectives!

It couldn't be any simpler to report.

John Mark Warren
Georgetown, Ind.
February 22, 2012

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