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Agrees with Massengale

I read the column of Lissie Massengale, "Is apathy or peace the next big thing?" In her introduction, she stated, "I am an alien."

In today's world and especially some Muslim countries, Christians are being tortured and killed as if they were aliens and some put in prisons while their churches are being burned. However, this has been happening for thousands of years, exactly as the Bible said it would. Before I go on, let me assure you that I'm no "hater" of any kind; I'm just here to tell you some good news and some bad news. What you do with that news may possibly decide your future and your fate.

I was in the hospital Jan. 9, 2012, when a couple I've known all my life came to visit and asked to pray with me. I could have said no, but for some reason I said yes. They prayed with me, and for the first time I felt something stir inside me. I was a sinner, lost, unable to hear, see or understand what God was all about. But I had just taken the "first step," and I didn't even realize it. I went home that evening, remembering the peace and strength I had felt holding their hands while we prayed.

The next morning, because I had taken that first step, Jesus came knocking on my heart and I asked Him to come in. Immediately, I was filled with the Holy Spirit, with tears of joy running down my face and no way to stop them. That feeling of peace, of happiness, joy, power and glory filled me again, and I realized then that you can't get that feeling anywhere on Earth because it doesn't come from this world. And, yes, it can happen just that quickly.

From that moment on, I could hear, feel, see and understand things, where before I had known nothing. Now, I hear Him when He speaks to my head and moves in my heart. I hear Him when I read the Bible. I feel Him inside me and His grace upon me, letting me know that He is pleased with me.

Now, I am able to see that this world we live in has nothing I want. This earthly world is a proving ground for our faith in Christ and our love for one another. Our goal is Heaven. His goal is our Salvation. However, if you are waiting until the last minute to accept His knock on your heart, you must remember what Jesus said: "I will come like a thief in the night," "in the twinkle of an eye," and it will be too late. The world and everything in it will pass away, but he who does what God wants will live forever.

I now understand that He wants all of us with Him, but a very many will not accept Him and instead will hang on to their worldly pleasures. As it is, we were born with nothing and so shall we die with nothing. Do you see anything in this world that you would trade for heaven, salvation and eternal life?

To be honest, I have found being a Christian easier than being a sinner. If I am troubled, have something on my heart like a death in the family or a wrong done to me, when I go to church, my brothers and sisters in Christ help me with it. Then, I am able to stand up and testify about it, and it will be lifted from me. Are you able to do that which the Lord has commanded so that He can cheer you, take you into His arms and show you how true Godly love feels?

Very soon will come the Day of Judgment for the living and the dead. The Lord will judge everyone by the way each lived his/her life on this earth. When you kneel before Him on that day, He will open the Book of Life. At that time, you will hear His voice, and, as the Bible says, you will call Him Lord, but it will be too late. He will judge if you accepted Him, if you did your best to follow His ways, if you lived your life so others could see Him in you. If not, you will hear, "Your name is not written here; depart from me, for I knew you not." As you lived your life on your own, you will be judged accordingly. Friends, I pray this doesn't happen to you!

I attend the small, 110-year-old Community Church in Mifflin. I invite you all to come praise and worship God with us, to hear a message from God's Holy Word by our pastor, Brother Lee Brown from Corydon, who is truly a "called" man of God. I'm truly glad I did!

If you are unable to share our praise and worship, then I pray you will find a church that suits YOU: one that uses God's Holy Word as its foundation, not some kind of "feel good" church that is more concerned with numbers than putting people on the right path to heaven. For as it is written, "ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Everyone needs to hear and learn about God and what this life on Earth is all about. And, Lissie, if you happen to read this, we would love to have you visit our little church in the country at 10:30 a.m. for worship and 9:30 a.m. for Sunday school.

Giving Him praise every day, and expecting Him every minute, amen.

Al Belcher
Eckerty, Ind.
July 11, 2012

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