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'Way to go, Arizona'

You did a marvelous job on your article, "Controversial First Step," in the Clarion dated Wednesday, July 4, 2012. … However, since you stated your own opinion on the Arizona Senate Bill 1070, or the Support of Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act, particularly the part that allows law enforcement officials to now be allowed to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws, if I may be honest and impartial for a moment as to state my own opinion, since it is a "controversial issue," maybe I can shed some enlightenment.

Allow me to say, "Way to go, Arizona!" Obviously, I am all for this act and would greatly accept if Indiana would impose the same act. The following are the reasons why:

1. "Racial profiling" and keeping illegal "aliens," aka immigrants, out of our country are two separate issues that people are trying to combine.

2. I am a former U.S. Army soldier whom it was mandated to show identification everywhere I went to make sure that the Army knew exactly who I was and what purpose I had for being there.

3. Anyone who gets a driver's license has to be eligible and is required to show three pieces of identification to make sure that we are legal and of age and meet all criteria to be awarded a driver's license.

4. All who go to vote in the state of Indiana are required to show identification to make sure we are legal and meet all the criteria to vote.

5. To be able to enter a liquor store or a bar, one must show identification to make sure they are legal to enter and buy alcoholic beverages.

6. When you fly on airlines, one is required to show identification to show that they are legally who they say they are and have to meet all the criteria before being allowed to board the airlines.

7. When visiting a different country, one has to have a legal document called a "passport" to show that they are legally who they say they are and meet all criteria before being allowed to enter another country.

8. While visiting other countries, one needs to be ready and have their passport or green card or any other legal documents on hand in the event that one gets stopped and is required to ensure that they are legally in the country and for what purpose.

9. To acquire a job, one must show identification and divulge their Social Security number and meet all the criteria before being hired.

I think that that is enough of my reasons for now. With that being said, since my time here on Earth, I have established friendships with many people of different ethnicity, religions and beliefs, and I cherish each one of them. However, I am taking the stance that "what is good for the goose is good for the gander;" therefore, if our United States government requires Americans to be legal, then why shouldn't we expect any different criteria for all people who enter and/or reside within our borders of all ethnicity? If I was writing a bill for this, I would probably call it "The Fairness to Americans Act." Because, once again, let's be honest and impartial, in the case that an American did not have the correct paperwork or meet all criteria for any of my above reasons, then you can be sure that the American would be sent away and refused any service or would not be hired for a job.

As far as what basis an officer will be able to use to determine whether or not the person is NOT American, does the bill not state "while enforcing other laws?" This means that people will have to trust the officers to have integrity. The question is not whether they are NON-American. The question is, are they legal or not? Illegal aliens are utilizing resources, all of which are taxpayer-dollar funded, which Americans or legal immigrants are privy to, if needed. Not to mention helping to keep neighborhoods safe from illegal activity by illegal immigrants stealing identities, smuggling drugs, gun running, etc.

It would be ignorant to not believe that our government is flawed. However, let's not turn enforcing a federal law of our land into a prejudicial issue.

Rebecca McClure
Leavenworth, Ind.
July 18, 2012

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