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CCHS's 'Check Please' excellent

Congratulations to the Crawford County High School Thespians for their fast-paced, hilarious production of "Check Please."

I attended the production Saturday night, March 9. I was first impressed with the ticket table covered with a distinctive fabric and roses. The two young men selling the tickets were friendly with welcoming smiles. I read that all proceeds would go to one of their thespian students, Emerald Walker, who is fighting cancer.

The performance was well performed by talented male and female students. It seemed like the cast included an equal amount of males and females. Many played a variety of characters of different ages and personalities that created laughter during 12 different short scenes. The light board operator did a great job keeping the scene changes going quickly.

Most of the scenes took place in a restaurant with a young couple sitting at the table on their first date trying to get to know something about each other. Each scene was unique and comical. One girl was talking to her date using computer jargon, I think. Her lines must have been very difficult to learn. They went over my head. But the actor did so well as a unique character that you did not need to know what was being said. The same with the actor who spoke many different languages. Of course, their dates did not appreciate not knowing what they were talking about.

Most of the costumes were of today, however there were some extraordinary characters who wore a burlap sack, a black cape and big, black hat, and one dressed as a pirate-carrying a parrot.

Two young actresses walked out on stage using a walker dressed as stylish very senior citizens and began to flirt with the young man at the table. Another actress sat at the table laughing at her date. They proved that you don't need to say a word to create a memorable scene. All the actors kept the audience laughing, and it was an enjoyable treat.

The talented cast members were: Shelby Wetzel, JC Bernard, Brandon Laswell, Ashley Brown, Cody Jellison, Shea Morgan, Alexis Gibson, Derek Harris, Sami Miller, Chris Douglas, Britnie Waterworth, Shaidy Wetzel, Shawna Johnson, Katie Tincher, Brandon Laswell, Alex Montgomery, Jared Harris, Dana Cain, Katie Carley and Rachel Harvey.

Heather Minton, the drama teacher, should be very proud of her students, and they should be glad to have Heather lead them. They are building self-confidence and self-esteem that will help them in their future careers.

Rita Harden
English, Ind.
March 13, 2013

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