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Upset about placement of grad slideshow

Several months ago, my son, the senior class president, asked the principal and the senior class advisor at Crawford County High School if he would be allowed to present the senior class memory slideshow during the graduation program.

For several years, there has been a slideshow during the program, but last year the slideshow was shown before the program and began with the lights on and before the seniors entered the gym. The senior class advisor said that, if it were shown, it would be before the program.

The principal told him that he could go ahead and get the presentation ready and he would decide when he could show it.

Several weeks ago, without even having seen the slideshow, he told me by e-mail that it would be shown before the program. The reasons (excuses) he gave were: Number one, he gets complaints every year from parents whose children were not in the slideshow. I responded back that parents had ample time and notice to send in pictures and that he should send those parents to talk to the senior class president because he has broad shoulders and can take the heat.

The second excuse was it takes too long for the lights to come back on after the show is over. My response to this was that it could be determined how long it would take for the lights to come back on and the lights could be turned back on that far from the end of the slideshow.

The third excuse was he knows that my son is a very competent young man and will do a good job, but what if next year's class president isn't and all he/she has to say is that they were allowed to do it this year and they would have to allow it and it may not turn out as well. I responded that he (the principal) is retiring this year and the senior class advisor is capable of handling that problem, so why should that concern him?

I think that they both just want to hustle the seniors into the gym, listen to a couple of mandatory speeches, hear the choir sing a song, hand out the diplomas and get out of there and this and every other class deserves better than that. I think that we, as parents and grandparents, should ask those educators why they can sit in the gymnasium during one or two overtimes of a basketball game and not think a thing about it, but they aren't willing to sit in that same gymnasium and allow the senior class to have a graduation program that is celebrating their academic achievements and make it special for their class.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Crawford County High School Principal Wayne Apple said the slideshow will be shown at graduation practice and before the graduation ceremony. He said he received no complaints last year when the school did it this way. Apple added that no administrator would ever refer an upset parent to speak to a student, as Smith suggested.

Donna Smith
May 14, 2008

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