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Quality writing in May 14 Clarion

Jacksonville, Fla.

We wish to commend Lee Cable and Chris Adams for their excellent writings in the May 14, 2008, issue of the Clarion News.

The editorial, "Campaign Should Be About Policy, Not Whispers," is poignant. There are so many voters who will vote based on race or gender rather than on issues. Many white people will refuse to vote for Mr. Obama just because his skin is black. Many voters, both men and women, are so caught up in gender attitudes that they will not vote for Mrs. Clinton. It is easier, perhaps, to understand that men cannot allow themselves to think of their president as being female than it is to understand that women continue to think of themselves as being inferior. Some of our churches continue to promote these ideas.

Our nation is facing serious problems, both on domestic and foreign relations fronts. The experience of Mrs. Clinton should be a strong consideration. The diplomacy that Mr. Obama proposes could promote better understanding between nations. Our American image is at an all-time low. The average citizen feels less and less secure because of the preemptive war and the conduct of the war.

The story of Mr. Gilliatt was written beautifully. What a consoling thought to have all those resources available to the citizens of your area. Mr. Gilliatt was an experienced mushroom hunter and entered the forest with confidence. Mr. Cable's little tidbits, such as "he pulled himself up by holding to a sapling" made the reader feel as if he were there. Also, the part about the cliff that had just the right amount of overhang, such as to have allowed enough sun to warm the rocks, yet projecting enough to give shelter from the rain. Enjoyable also was the part about Mr. Gilliat's waking in the night when a few drops of water fell on him, and pulling his hat around him for protection, going back to sleep.

Details like that make Mr. Cable's writings outstanding! It is gratifying that the story had a happy ending and that Mr. Gilliatt expressed his gratitude for all the effort on his behalf. I am sure all of us could identify with that.

Paul and Betty Jo Felker
June 11, 2008

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