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No more excuses for improper disposal of tires

It is estimated that more than 290 million tires are replaced on cars, trucks and other vehicles in the United States every year. For a long time, disposing of the old tires has been a problem, and the solution varies from state to state...more >>

Renewable energy company plans facility near Milltown

Plant to be online in late 2011

On the day it was announced that the Consumer Confidence Index was at an all-time low, another indicator that the national economy is ailing, Crawford County, however, received more than a bit of good economic news....more >>

Explaining ins, outs of imports, exports

In the context of a global economy, it's clear that trade is what makes the world go 'round, but have you ever stopped to think just what it is the United States trades? Which products carry the brand "Made in the U.S.A." nowadays and where do they end up?...more >>

Renewable energy plant, jobs announced

Facility represents $80-million investment

On the day it was announced that the Consumer Confidence Index was at an all-time low, another indicator that the national economy is ailing, Crawford County, however, received more than a bit of good economic news....more >>

County government reorganizes

The Crawford County Council and Board of Commissioners organized for 2009 Friday morning. Leadership for both groups for the new year will look a lot like that of the past year, with a wrinkle thrown in on the council....more >>

YSB rings in new year

It's 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve. Do you know where your kids are? Several parents in Crawford County knew exactly where their children were on New Year's Eve...more >>

Recent News
Despite bailout, U.S. auto industry still ailing
Thousands could still lose their jobs, affecting region's economy
December 31, 2008
On Dec. 22, President Bush approved the funding of emergency loans totaling $13.4 billion to General Motors and Chrysler. The money comes from the remaining $15 billion of the first $350 billion of the TARP fund set up to rescue ailing financial institutions in October. ...more >>
New year means new tax breaks
Things to know before filing 2009 income taxes
December 31, 2008
It’s that time of year, when the celebration of Christmas is over and most people begin looking forward to the new year. But the beginning of each new year brings something that many people dread — filing income taxes. ...more >>
G’town man found dead in Louisville
December 31, 2008
Darrell Vern Spencer, 72, of Georgetown was killed Saturday in Louisville at the G & K army surplus store on West Main Street. ...more >>
Kickin' butts 'n gettin' healthy
December 31, 2008
Missy Stroud is on a mission — a mission to help Crawford County kick the smoking habit. And now Stroud and one of the largest employers in the county are on the same page — promoting a more productive workforce and a healthier community. ...more >>
Realities of the sex offender registry
Law includes many nuances
December 31, 2008
Just because a person is convicted of a sex-related crime doesn’t mean the person can’t live near a school or park and must follow other regulations typically associated with registered sex offenders. The regulations imposed instead are based on the crime and its legal classification. ...more >>
Leavenworth nominated for Blue Ribbon
School is second Crawford County elementary nominated for federal award in three years
December 24, 2008
Three years ago, it was Milltown Elementary School’s turn to be in the spotlight. Now, it’s another Crawford County Community School Corp. elementary school’s time to shine. ...more >>
A merry Christmas for Crawford schools
ISTEP+ scores among state's best
December 24, 2008
Last Tuesday night’s Crawford County Community School Corp. Board of Trustees meeting provided early Christmas presents in the form of much good news. ...more >>
G'town considers sale of Broadband
December 24, 2008
The Georgetown Town Council last Tuesday night discussed year-end budget reports, the possible sale of the town’s Broadband system and a wage freeze ordinance. ...more >>
County employees not immune to increasing insurance costs
December 24, 2008
With an option of two health insurance policies to choose from, many of the approximately 90 employees of Crawford County met with insurance representatives Thursday to hear the policies explained and to try to understand the complicated differences between the two plans. ...more >>
Daniels suggests major local government overhaul
December 24, 2008
Gov. Mitch Daniels indicated on Friday that he would seek support from lawmakers for major changes in local government across the state. His plan includes eliminating most township officials and demanding the consolidation of the smallest school districts in the state. ...more >>
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