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Society no longer values gift of life

A couple of weeks ago, there was a woman who looked to be seven or eight months pregnant puffing away on a cigarette at the Harvest Homecoming festival in New Albany. At another festival a month earlier, there was a mother waving her cigarette freely above her young child's head....more >>

Cutting off their noses to spite their faces

The anti-union governor in Ohio, Republican John Kasich, began backpedaling bright and early the following morning after the Nov. 8 election threw his communist-leaning policies out the window....more >>

The boy who cried beagle

The Life Less Traveled

I have a friend who has to sleep with a bite guard to keep from grinding his teeth. He also owns a beagle who loves to chew things. One night he got up to use the bathroom and thought he had set the bite guard down on his nightstand. When he returned, the bite guard had mysteriously disappeared....more >>

Recent Columns
Say thank you this Veterans Day
November 09, 2011
Itís only fitting that Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are in the same month. Although Thanksgiving Day was established first, itís the sacrifices of our uniformed men and women that have preserved the freedoms for which we give thanks each year. ...more >>
The science of convenience
Just a thought
November 09, 2011
Itís simply amazing how far humans have come, how far science and scientists have brought us. Longevity, or life expectancy, the average number of years we can expect to live, is still increasing as new medicines, health care methods and medical devices are being designed, developed and made available to doctors by scientists. ...more >>
Stuck on grace
The Life Less Traveled
November 09, 2011
The summer after my freshman year in high school I stuck a suction cup to my forehead and couldnít get it off. It came from one of those Nerf basketball goals, the kind youíre supposed to stick to a window. After a while, though, windows lose their magic. Donít ask me why I stuck it to my forehead. ...more >>
Are we happier?
Just a thought
November 02, 2011
People my age have experienced a lot of changes in our lifetimes. Weíve climbed a high ladder in technology and gadgets, but have we really risen above, or have a different perspective of, lifeís daily challenges? ...more >>
The great Thanksgiving challenge
The Life Less Traveled
November 02, 2011
If you ever need tips on feeling sorry for yourself, stop by sometime. Iíd be glad to help you out. Iím quite good at it. Take this week, for instance. Iíve had a cold thatís been dragging me down and a busy week with work and family stuff. Youíd think I have the plague the way Iíve been moping around and complaining. ...more >>
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