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It's time to act on animal control

Faced with Crawford County having no animal control, the board of commissioners contracted with David Cox, who had the necessary experience and equipment from his days of owning an exotic zoo near English, to collect strays. Unfortunately, concerns about liability soon surfaced and, with insurance too expensive, the county and Cox ended their agreement....more >>

Milltown Mini Mart loses unfair fight

Just a thought

Many people were afraid it would come down to this. And, on New Year's Eve, Jerry and Robyn Carman turned out the lights in the Milltown Mini Mart, locked the doors and went home. Their worries diminished, but so did their hopes and dreams....more >>


The Life Less Traveled

Who would have guessed I'd be invited to such a fancy party? This place was an honest-to-goodness mansion, absolutely huge. It's not every house that has its own ballroom and library....more >>

Recent Columns
How others see the GOP race
Just a thought
January 04, 2012
Anyone with a lick of sense can surely see how ridiculous the race to be the next president has become. Of course, the entertainment value of the race has to be taken into consideration, but these guys are considered by many to be serious candidates to lead this country. Itís amazing how far our standards have fallen. ...more >>
Does Jesus do cannonballs?
The Life Less Traveled
January 04, 2012
Superman had Lex Luthor. Batman had the Joker. Holmes had Moriarty. And me? I had the high school lifeguards at the public swimming pool. Though their names and faces changed over time, they were my elementary school arch-enemies, my nemeses, my thorns in the flesh, every last one of them. They solely existed to ruin my fun and humiliate me in front of my friends. ...more >>
Tune of friendship
The Life Less Traveled
December 28, 2011
It doesnít take a rocket scientist to name that tune. You play a little bit of a song, and everyone tries to guess it, right? Either you know the song or you donít. End of story. ...more >>
Barrow deserved more respect
December 21, 2011
As I am writing this, Crawford County is losing what I consider to be its most valuable asset. Crawford County Emergency Management Director Kent Barrow has resigned from his position to work in the private sector in neighboring Harrison County. ...more >>
The show must go on
The Life Less Traveled
December 21, 2011
You never know when youíre going to need an extra baby Jesus this time of year. Take the Christmas of 2008, for example. I needed five baby Jesuses, well, actually six, but who could have predicted the last one? ...more >>
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