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The brightest bulb on the tree

The Life Less Traveled

When our second child was born, we bought a pre-lit tree in an attempt to guard our sanity. With two kids running around the house, we were lucky to keep everyone fed and bathed, let alone put up Christmas lights. It seemed liked a good idea at the time....more >>

The three blind mice see Black Friday

Once upon a time, there were three blind mice. First, there was Smudge, a little, white guy with a thick smudged gray stripe down his back. He couldn't see, but he was smart. He listened to everything the humans above said and knew when it was safe to run and not to run. His sense of hearing was stronger than all his other senses....more >>

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Word balloons
The Life Less Traveled
November 05, 2014
Has your mouth ever gotten you into trouble? Maybe itís something youíve said that you later regret, or maybe your biggest regrets are words you should have said but didnít. Or, if youíre like me, youíre plagued by an unhealthy dose of both. ...more >>
The ticket to happiness
The Life Less Traveled
October 01, 2014
Last month, I got a lesson in economics from a 4-year-old at Chuck-E-Cheese. ...more >>
The tangled web
The Life Less Traveled
September 10, 2014
I was taking the trash out last week when I walked face-first into a spider web. This is one the creepiest feelings in the world. Youíre walking along, minding your own business, when sticky tendrils of web grab your face out of the blue. ...more >>
What Iíve learned during my time at the CN
August 20, 2014
Hellos are always so much better than goodbyes, in my opinion. ...more >>
Catnip for the soul
The Life Less Traveled
August 06, 2014
The Great Smoky Mountains offers something for everyone. World-class hiking. Spectacular vistas. Miles of outlet shopping. And now, cats. ...more >>
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