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Editorial unfairly portrays Trump voters

The opinion article of Aug. 23, 2017, had the title "Time to make clear where you stand" and was written by staff writer Taylor Ferguson. After reading the long article with multiple points of dubious, false and outrageous statements of cause and effects, you have to come to the conclusion that the hidden thesis of the article is "Against the Constitution's First Amendment," freedom of speech.

President Trump was criticized for saying, "We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on the many sides, on many sides." This seems very clear language and did not leave any participating group (Nazis, white supremacists, Klan, counter-protesters, etc.) out of the condemnation. The president's words have outraged many on the "left" because his statement was not completely focused on only the white supremacists. He actually had the audacity to include the counter-protesters in the condemnation.

The counter-protesters group were engaged in half of the violence with their helmets, armor, shields and sticks. President Trump was criticized for being too balanced in his language, even though there was an obvious fight between two groups. What is wrong with chanting "White Lives Matter" if we allow and do not criticize "Black Lives Matter" groups that chant they want dead police at their rallies? Aren't both of these statements freedom of speech? Did the white supremacists say to kill the police? That has not been reported.

The author states, "Nazis and Klan members mowing people down in the streets," and this is a total fabrication from the truth. We don't know all the facts, except we know there were not members, plural; there was one fellow who did this terrible deed. The author is trying to unjustifiably blame the groups.

The legal and approved permit for the rally is an important part being totally omitted by this author. The First Amendment allows even terrible white supremacist views we disagree with being given the right to be expressed. This we have been taught since the first grade is critical to a free country and one which we celebrate in the U.S.A. But this author does not even recognize this right. The white supremacist group adhered to the law and obtained the permit. Did the "left" counter-protesters do the same? No, they just came prepared to do battle. The author makes the false claim that only the white supremacist side did the beating, which news broadcasts show is untrue. Much of this author's writing is in the same vein of untruthfulness.

"Make America Great Again" is not a call to white supremacy. When will America be greater than it is right now? It will be greater than now when 50 million get off welfare in this country. It will be great when everyone has a job that supports their families and can look forward to a new automobile and an even better living year after year. It will be when food pantries are no longer supplying food to so many in need. It will be the time when you find most of what you purchase in the stores is marked "Made in U.S.A."

The author says, "If you are supporting Trump you are supporting white supremacy." This is another false conclusion like so many in this article. Fifty million people voted for Trump in the election he won fair and square. Do you really believe all are white supremacists? Do you also believe anyone who wants to defend maintaining the Confederate statues like Robert E. Lee's is a white supremacist? The Civil War was 150 years ago; get over it. All combatants were Americans. You don't have to be on the Southern side to respect all combatants as doing what they believed in. The war brought this country together stronger than ever and the country is now indivisible.

The author states, "If you are silent in the face of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." I have to say this article is written much in the way of an oppressor by most of it being unjust, creating a very dishonest opinion, is harsh and is tyrannical in its demands on those uneducated who are inclined to follow the untrue conclusions as written.

Charles A. Totten
Leavenworth, Ind.
September 06, 2017

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Make Indiana part of climate solution

Pope Francis is recognized as a global leader on climate change. In his encyclical letter, "Laudato Si," he writes that " every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings." He reaffirms that " all creatures are connected, each must be cherished with love and respect, for all of us as living creatures are dependent on one another."

I think this is the essential change of heart that must take place if we are to slow climate change. This is what my Catholic faith and my life as a Sister of Providence calls me to do. I am called to value both the diversity and interconnectedness of the whole web of life.

A bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives provides an opportunity. This group is exploring policy options that address the impacts, causes and challenges of our changing climate. Currently, 25 Republicans and 25 Democrats are members, an even number by design.

Coal and coal ash disposal seriously impact climate change and are also critical economic and health issues in Indiana. I believe one of the solutions is to provide financial support to coal miners desiring to obtain new job skills. They have risked their health and their lives to provide this country's energy needs. This would be similar to the recent Carrier layoffs in Indianapolis. A task force has joined with Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett in announcing those who lost their jobs would be eligible for $1,000 while they look for new employment. They also announced the city would provide additional monies for those employees while also offering incentives to local employers who wish to hire them.

Therefore, I call upon you, the reader, to urge your U.S. House of Representative to join this caucus to make Indiana part of the solution.

Sister of Providence Donna Butler,

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind.

Sister of Providence Donna Butler
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind.
August 23, 2017

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Let's really drain the swamp

As an Independent who has voted often for the individual Republicans who show they care for American citizens, let us not forget that for the past seven years they had their 41 phony little votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, and now, when they are the majority, we find they are still working on getting one decided. Obviously, they are mostly interested in getting re-elected, going along with the Democrats' programs, listening to the lobbyists and putting money in their accounts so, when they leave, they are all millionaires.

We do need to eliminate all of the "elites" out of the swamp. These elites are in both parties but special emphasis needs put on the Republicans because, if they cannot unite together now and truly create a lower cost health care insurance system to replace Obamacare, then they should get the boot first.

This lack of unity and indecision needs us all to contact our congressmen by telephone calls, emails and U.S. mail and demand the following which will effectively rid our government of the entire existing politicians at their next election. This will take an enormous public outcry effort, but it needs to be done. We can call it the Congressional Reform Act of 2017, the Trump Rule.

1. No tenure/no pension. A congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

2. Congress (past, present and future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3 percent.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must (equally) abide by all the laws they impose on the American people.

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective Aug. 1, 2017. The American people did not make this contract with congressmen/women.

8. Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s) then go home and go back to work.

If we can unite the entire American public to the point of demanding the politicians do as we say and successfully make these things happen, the American political system will be greatly enhanced, freed up and become an honest instrument for governing. If we fail to achieve these changes, then normal corruption will continue in the "swamp."

It will not be easy, but these changes need to be done. Are we ready for the effort?

Charles A. Totten
Leavenworth, Ind.
August 16, 2017

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Relay committee thankful for successful event

The committee for Crawford County Relay For Life would like to thank all who attended our Relay For Life event benefiting the American Cancer Society on June 16, enabling us to raise over $20,000 toward finding a cure for cancer. Thank you to the Clarion News for all your support informing everyone about our event with news coverage.

We have to give a special thank-you to our sponsors with their monetary donations or items for the silent auction (which was a big success). Without your sponsorship, we couldn't accomplish our goals.

Another special thank-you to all who purchased luminaries or lanterns for the lighting of the luminaries ceremony.

Last, but not least, thank you to our six teams, Hillview for Hope, Can Rem Su/Marengo United Methodist Church, Sole Sisters, Lincoln Hills United Methodist Church, Rocky's Relayers and Marengo Christian Church. Without you, there would be no Relay in Crawford County; you are the glue that held us together, allowing Relay to continue and be a success.

Crawford County Relay for Life Committee
August 16, 2017

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Loving yourself first step in power

I agree with Ashira Young's column on exercising your own intuitive power. But first you have to know that you have that power, that your opinions deserve respect.

That comes from loving yourself. Hopefully, your parents fostered that attitude. If not, then you must gain it from mentors, teachers, religion or philosophy. Loving, respecting yourself comes first. You cannot exercise a power that you do not know is integral. (That is bluff and braggadocios — easily recognized.

Sue T. Chapman
Milltown, Ind.
August 16, 2017

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Keep postal carriers safe from dogs

In April, the United States Postal Service promoted National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Postmasters are now asking customers to extend their efforts to help make 2017 "National Dog Bite Prevention Year."

Pet owners' efforts are critical when you consider the number of Postal Service employees attacked by dogs last year reached 6,775 — more than 200 higher than the year before. Within the Palmyra Post Office, there have been dog attacks since the beginning of the year.

My concern is not only for our employees, but with the general population, as well. Here are three critical points to remember in order to keep USPS employees safe:

If a letter carrier delivers mail or packages to your front door, place your dog in a separate room and close that door before opening your front door. Dogs have been known to burst through screen doors or plate-glass windows to attack visitors. Dog owners should keep the family pet secured.

Parents should remind their children and other family members not to take mail directly from letter carriers in the presence of the family pet, as the dog may view the letter carrier handing mail to a family member as a threatening gesture.

The Postal Service places the safety of the its employees as a top priority. If a letter carrier feels threatened by a dog, or if a dog is loose or unleashed, the owner may be asked to pick up mail at a post office until the letter carrier is assured the pet has been restrained. If the dog is roaming the neighborhood, the pet owner's neighbors also may be asked to pick up their mail at the area's post office.

I am asking everyone to become a responsible pet owner during the coming summer in order to ensure the safety of all of our citizens. Together, we can safeguard all from unnecessary and potentially devastating dog attacks.

Thank you for your help with this very important issue.

Cynthia Pate, Postmaster, Palmyra Post Office
July 12, 2017

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Myth of global warming

I read the article that State Sen. Mark Stoops wrote concerning greenhouse gases. It is a fact that battery-driven cars of today put out more CO2 gas than a gas-driven, eight-cylinder would in eight years. I read that from a science magazine. Ashira Young is right when she said that not everything people believe is true. This problem is solved, so let's get to global warming.

In 1930, it was 114 degrees in the summer. An old man told me that in 1931 they had no winter. In 1931, they grew crops in Southern Indiana for the third time that year. The Courier-Journal said that we had a drought in 1924. We had a drought in 1987.

When I was a boy in the late 1950s, there was no snow at Christmastime. In the winter of 1960, we had blizzard conditions. In the late '60s, early '70s, we had light winters.

My mother said, when she went to school in the mid-'30s, it snowed and was very cold. The snow stayed on the ground for months.

We had a blizzard again in 1994. It was very cold last winter but not much snow.

The hottest it got last year was 103 degrees. In the late '60s and early '70s, I delivered newspapers. It was nothing for the temperature to be 100, 101, 104 degrees.

The 16th century is the hottest century on record. Weather patterns change. They never stay the same. I'd say that global warming is also a myth.

Charles Thompson
Marengo, Ind.
July 12, 2017

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How are people to make ends meet?

I am writing again to complain about how a person can be turned down on transportation to and from the dialysis clinic, when Medicaid will pay for the transportation for two weeks until we can get our car repaired so we can drive ourselves.

I was told they would not come and pick me up from my home and bring me back home.

When you are on Social Security, you don't get much each month anyway. Also it is a pain in the butt when two people can only get $46 a month in SNAP (known as food stamps now). You cannot even buy bread and a gallon of milk to last a month, besides feed two people a month on strict diets.

So, would someone tell me how we are to make it? Even going to the food bank is not enough.

Pamela Pridemore
English, Ind.
July 12, 2017

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Reader asks questions

What has happened in the past to our town, English? I mean, the old town we had.

Yes, I know the government bought all of the land and made most people move to the new English on the other side, on top of a hill, but I still live in the place our grandparents owned and so does three of us who are still living at the same homestead.

Also, we have heard so much about how the state won't give enough money to fix our state road that runs past our homes, but semi trucks and dump trucks filled with gravel can go past all day and night. However, (the state) cannot repair the highway from Taswell to the Harrison County line going to Corydon. They can fix bridges, but they cannot replace the road so our fire department and EMTs can get to people on a halfway smooth road.

Pamela Pridemore
English, Ind.
June 14, 2017

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Hoosiers' voices on verge of being silenced by legislators

Thank you for the great articles written by Taylor Ferguson. These articles brought to light legislation taking place in our state legislative body. I personally appreciated it and (it) gave me hope that democracy can still be open to its citizens. How refreshing.

However, it is hard for me to believe that it was through a supposed democratic process that we are seeing an end to some of our rights. Why would a legislative body, elected by us, take away our right to elect our own secretary of education? What justification do they have? Is it that they don't trust our judgment?

Will we need to be on guard that maybe next time they will take away our right to vote for our state representatives because they, too, should be appointed? Are they so wrapped up with their politics that people don't count and the voices of the people should not be heard?

We are on a slippery slope when our leadership believes that it's all right to take away our voice, especially when it comes to the education of our children. Education is one of the fundamentals that help to develop good leadership, knowledge, creativity, inspiration, ambition, etc. And they don't think our voice counts?

To add insult to injury is their plan to wait until 2025 just so that Jennifer McCormick can have "her shot" at re-election. Doesn't this fly in the face of democracy? What is really scary is that they have the nerve to let us know this plan. Do they either think we don't care or that we aren't going to do anything about it anyway? Or is it set up that now that they have done this that we can't do anything about it?

I guess time will tell if we choose to give our democracy away or fight to give the right to choice back to the people. Our voices are being silenced little by little like a pillow being put over one's face, suffocating the life of democracy until it is dead.

Sandy Gettelfinger
Corydon, Ind.
May 17, 2017

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