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Mr. Robinson certainly has the right to free political speech and he revealed his thoughts on Feb. 21, 2018, on the People's Forum. He does need a class in respect for his president, starting with his naming him cute little "P.P." He says he received some whippings for lying when he was a kid, and I can believe he might not be over that practice yet. If his parents are around, they need to get the paddle warmed up.

Some of us were taught to respect the office, if not the person. This goes for anyone elected to an office, especially including the highest office in the land. The U.S.A. is the most powerful democracy in the world and have elected persons that have been accused of many failings, even criminal activities. This president is no exception and certainly has not done as many wicked things as some other recent ones have been proven to do. They all seem to get a break in this regard and not really suffer for their sins, no matter how atrocious they are.

His first complaint about this president was that he did not release his tax returns. Some have always thought personal income and earnings are a private thing and they don't care if he ever releases his tax returns. The true politician has been very careful to hide everything in his tax returns that anyone could complain about. How is it that most politicians go to Washington and shortly become millionaires? They have planned and orchestrated to have such clean tax returns they can release them for the gullible public's consumption without worry. Most people who want to see his tax returns are just looking for a mole hill to blow into a mountain of unwarranted trouble for him.

His second complaint has been the issue of voter fraud committed by Hillary. Of course, there is voter fraud. The amount no one knows. It has been proven to exist because some cities have tallied more votes than the population in the city. Who would guess Mr. Robinson would excuse this saying it must be math errors? How come there is so much political resistance with having proper identification when registering to vote? You have to have good I.D. to get on an airplane, so why is voting identification such a hardship? There have been some convicted of voter fraud in Elkhart in the not so distant past.

Alternative facts are probably really lies. It depends upon who has put together the so-called facts and how they stand up to real evidence. It seems this political landscape is full of what must be called lies too often, and discovering the truth is not easy. Getting to the truth is something everyone should desire, but it is obvious alternate facts are generated to just fog up and disguise the truth. Right now, the FBI and DOJ are being closely investigated because of some details they have refused to release promptly. How much is lies we hope the Inspector General will discover and reveal to us.

Mr. Robinson's last item mentioned was that a Democrat will look you straight in the eye and shake your hand, suggesting he is telling the truth. Ask the Democrat why he supports Planned Parenthood, and he will smilingly and without a blink look you in the eye. His party supports killing the unborn and having the dismembered parts sold to the highest bidder. He likes getting the campaign funds from Planned Parenthood, and they are the only political party to receive them. Apparently these people can do no wrong under his view; even long term, up to the time of birth, abortions are OK. This is the worst kind of political backstabber that exists, and we need to stay away from them at all costs.

Charles A. Totten
Leavenworth, Ind.
March 14, 2018

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Thank you for sharing ideas

As I grow older, I thought "age" was the reason I no longer recognize different models of cars or recognize a song by the first notes. Thank you (to Ashira Young) for pointing out the influence of homogenization.

You recently called attention to the practice of using credit cards to enlarge an individual's or family's spending. I wish our "leaders" in our nation's capital would consider the consequences of national debt.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and values with Southern Indiana readers.

Yvonne McIntosh
English, Ind.
March 07, 2018

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The malady of 'Gatoritis''

To write this op-ed, a decision on what to call the Russian surrogate in the White House was required. Many names were considered, but because he is Putin's lap dog, "Putin's Poodle" (P.P.) was used.

P.P.'s erratic behavior is caused by a mental malady called "Gatoritis." That is when someone allows their alligator mouth to overload their hummingbird butt.

P.P.'s cult base also suffers from this illness. Isn't it hypocritical that the cult that calls itself the Moral Majority has a vulgar liar as its leader? Their slogan should be the Moral-less Majority.

P.P. is a gypsy conman; while you watch his left hand, his right is picking your pocket. His con for the last year has been a new crisis weekly. If the public and press is distracted by the new, they will forget about the old issues and promises that P.P. has not kept, such as:

1. If elected, he promised to release his tax returns and divest his businesses. It's been a year. Where's the beef?! He still controls his businesses and is using the President's office to promote them, especially his Florida golf resort, "Maggot Lagoon." Soon, he will be wearing a neon yellow suit with patches on it and look like a NASCAR driver.

2. Hillary, by winning the popular vote, allegedly committed vote fraud. P.P. formed a fact-finding committee to investigate this atrocity. To date, no reports proving voter fraud have been released.

3. Alternative facts are lies. I wish my parents knew about alternative facts. It would have saved me from getting a lot of whippings for lying.

P.P. and his cult whine that the national media picks on poor, little P.P. They should thank God that journalistic warriors like Sam Donaldson, Dan Rather and Helen Thomas are no longer active. They would have kept P.P.'s toes to the fire until the truth came out.

Chris Adams' article on the hypocrisy in politics hit the nail on the head. What this hate-filled hypocrisy is doing to our democracy is sickening.

A recent call emphasized the point when they stated there are people in BOTH parties who would vote for a pedophile before they would vote for a Republican or Democrat. People vote for the people they like. The only people who like pedophiles are other pedophiles.

People have different ways to determine other people's religion, politics, etc. In today's volatile political climate, a Democrat will look you in the eye and shake your hand. A Putin's Poodle Republican will nervously glance side to side and then hit you below the belt.

Thank you for allowing me to exercise my right to free political speech.

Gary Robinson
Marengo, Ind.
February 21, 2018

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Senate does terrible thing

Our Senate, the most deliberative body in the world, has done a terrible thing last Monday. They have been in the news a lot, but you probably have not heard about this because the drive-by media doesn't want you to know or consider the consequences of this.

On Jan. 29, 2018, the Senate voted "Nea" for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S. 2311) on a vote of 51 to 46. It needed 60 to pass. This bill proposed banning abortions after 20 weeks after fertilization. By this time in an unborn's life, he or she is easily distinguishable as a human being and, if his or her development is not interrupted by inhumane and evil actions, is destined to soon become a warm, soft, adorable little baby.

When abortions are performed at this late time, it usually involves dismembering the defenseless unborn child. This is fine material for the Planned Parenthood organization in their money-making efforts to harvest such body parts. Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice group are active with certain senators, and there seems to be a common obsessive characteristic to defeat this life-saving bill. The common denominator seems to be the political party, the Democratic Cult.

Is there a Democrat who would admit no sadness for dismembering an unborn child? Don't they think they are responsible for this despicable action? Would they justify this "Nea" vote by admitting how much in donations they get from Planned Parenthood so they can stay in office? Is it the love of power that drives them to such hateful support? Do they like being aligned with six other countries that have the same policy? That is North Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada and the Netherlands. Can they look in a mirror and not see that staring back at them is an empty shell of humanity if they voted "Nea"?

We send soldiers and policemen into battles knowing some will probably not survive in order to rescue hostages. Can't we see this law would be a peaceful way to do the same thing?

How long will it take for these Democratic cult members to come to their senses and honor the religious faith they were raised as? Some do claim to be Christians?

Charles A. Totten
Leavenworth, Ind.
February 21, 2018

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Food pantry serves 1,054 more in 2017

2017 seemed to zoom by and now we are already a month into 2018. We would like to take this opportunity to thank local businesses, churches and individuals for their contributions, donations and prayers of support.

We would also like to share statistics from 2017 with you, as well. We served 8,552 people in 2017, which was an increase of 1,054 from the previous year. We are grateful for the support our community has provided.

Future donations can be dropped off at our food pantry located in Leavenworth (in the basement of Breeden Memorial Library) during normal distribution hours — every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our mailing address is Crawford County United Ministries (CCUM), P.O. Box 133, Marengo, IN 47140.

In addition, the CCUM's Utility Assistance Program, located in the Lincoln Hills Development Corp. Joan Ritchie Center at English, is open each Wednesday from noon to 2:30 p.m.

Thank you, and God bless you for your generosity!

CCUM Officers, Directors, Advisory Council and Volunteers
February 14, 2018

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The new superintendent

With the January retirement of Superintendent Garry DeRossett, the Crawford County School Board faces the challenge of hiring a new superintendent to lead the schools. At such a moment, it is worth taking time to pause and consider just what qualities we would like to see in the new superintendent.

Two qualities come to mind instantly. One, they should have a familiarity with the rules and regulations that are laid down by the state and federal governments for the running of a school system, and, secondly, they need to be willing and able to stand up for the best education of our kids in the face of those very rules and regulations.

The first quality — knowledge of the rules and regulations — is fairly easy to assess based on prior employment.

The second is more difficult. Finding someone to fight for "the best education for our kids" is only possible if we, ourselves, understand what "the best education for our kids" is. One thing we can start off by understanding is that our kids live in Crawford County — not somewhere else in Indiana, not somewhere else in the country. While we can and should look to other locations for ideas to help us educate our kids, our educational system can and should be unique.

Even more important, the best education for the kids can only be understood if we recognize the kind of families they come from. We are a working-class county. We farm. We work in government and in law enforcement. We are educators. We work in factories and businesses. We work on houses and we work on cars. We nurse. We waitress. Most of us leave the county in order to do these things.

Many of us make enough money to put an RV or a boat in our driveway, but a lot of us have trouble putting shoes on our kids' feet and food on the table. A large portion of us go to church. Too many of us are involved in the illicit drug trade — as dealers and as users.

These are the kinds of things that shape our kids. Shape their learning. Shape the goals that they have for their lives. Shape the kind of education that is best for them. The superintendent must recognize this. He should not look down on the kids for the kind of upbringing they had or even for the goals they have set for themselves (even if those goals are not as lofty as he would like). He should help provide them with an education to meet their goals — maybe even reshape their goals — and to succeed as college students or factory workers, in nursing or in farming.

There is another quality that the prospective superintendent must have, as well — an ability to get as much as possible from limited resources. The motto of the Crawford County school system could be the quote from Theodore Roosevelt: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." The county is not a rich one, and that has an impact on the resources the school system has at its disposal. I have been at several meetings of the school board this year in which proposals were met with the question, "Do we have enough money for that?" Again and again, the answer was "no."

The new superintendent must have the courage to advise against proposals that might be nice if we had the money, must have the resourcefulness to find the money for projects with substantial and lasting value, and must have the wisdom to tell the difference.

Finding this kind of superintendent is a tall order for the school board. The problem with hiring the right kind of person for a job is that you can only pick from the people who apply. With that in mind, I think that anyone who applies for the position of superintendent of Crawford County should be willing to make the case that they can be this kind of superintendent.

Jeff Roudenbush
Marengo, Ind.
January 24, 2018

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Hate word legislation needed

If you do not agree with conservative or liberal fanatics, on ALL issues, they will label you as left, right, biased, illogical, sick, unfair, etc. The zealots comprise about 20 percent of the U.S. population and they are incapable of understanding that the remaining 80 percent are compromisers and wish they would tone down their in-your-face rhetoric.

A recent editorial states violent acts are really what constitute a hate crime, not spoken words, and to suppress any spoken words is a violation of free speech. Following are documented examples that suggest that words, oral and written, can cause harm, injury or death, and they should be crimes.

1. Libel and slander. Should those laws be taken off the books?

2. You cannot falsely yell fire in a theater.

3. Using words, written and oral, girl A constantly harassed girl B until she committed suicide.

4. If only people who commit violent acts are guilty, then Charles Manson was unjustly imprisoned. He committed no violent acts or killed anyone. On his spoken words, his followers did. So, psycho Charlie was innocent.

5. In Hitler's rise to power, he used lies and biased hate words, against Jews and gays, to persuade the German people to vote for him. Sound familiar? The Jews and gays were forced to wear yellow stars or pink triangles on their clothes, tattooed, placed in concentration camps and executed. Since Hitler committed no violent acts, he was innocent of genocide. If a group, such as ANTIFA, had been in existence in pre-WW II Germany, could the Holocaust have been prevented? Oh, well. The only bright spot in the whole horrific Hitler affair is there were good people on both sides of the Nazi/Jew issue.

When people knowingly use words that provoke other people to perform acts they normally would not do and those acts cause harm, injury or death, both parties should be held accountable. If there are no laws to prosecute hate word crimes, then our legislators need to pass them. Sen. Greg Taylor, D-Indianapolis, is introducing hate word legislation and is to be commended. The public is urged to contact Sen. Erin Houchin and Rep. Steve Bartels and urge them to support and vote for this legislation.

Stopping hate words and lies, written and oral, that cause harm, injury or death is not a suppression of free speech.

Example six. Jesus was the victim of lies, envy and hate words that led to His being humiliated, beaten and crucified. Words can hurt, and words (the pen) are mightier than the sword.

Thank you for allowing me to exercise my right to free speech.

Gary Robinson
Marengo, Ind.
January 03, 2018

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Belief vs. truth

Ashira Young's article on Dec. 6, 2017, does raise a few thoughts about "truth" and "beliefs" that we should consider today in the modern world. She asks herself "if I am understanding things strictly through the morass or beliefs and conditioning or whether I am perceiving something that is beyond that."

She says, "We want to believe something is true for specific reasons, many of which are unaware of but yet compel us to believe." She notes, "Cults have a slew of "believers" that are convinced that what their leader tells them is true."

She says, "What seems to be happening is that our hope, our needs, our fears are clouding our ability to determine what is true and what is not. Being able to observe more clearly requires that we put our fears, our frenzied needs and our solidified opinions aside. It is only when we are able to do that are we able, for a brief moment, to discover what is being hidden from us."

So, what does this mean in the real world? We have people who are definitely and fervently "believers" that life begins at conception and should be allowed to grow into a baby and be naturally delivered to a happy and welcoming mother and father. They would never agree to an abortion and they "believe" and think abortion is really murder of the unborn. We have others who call this baby a "fetus" and consider it just a mass of tissue and means nothing and can be aborted at any time, including up to the moment of natural birth.

Most of the time we call these baby lovers Christians. The other group we call Democrats. Some churches say you can't be a Christian and believe in abortion, this is the "truth."

The Democrats believe Planned Parenthood is providing the abortion service as a charitable thing. They do not want to talk much about it because they have been selling baby parts for profit, and now it looks like there is going to be an investigation into this practice. The Planned Parenthood organization, and Democrats, like to claim their main business is providing other services for women, like breast cancer testing. They do not want to admit otherwise, but they have been caught on video, and so there is some hope that justice will come to them after all.

Can a Democrat listen to their leaders and not be able to discover what is hidden from him? It seems so, as there are many who claim to be Democrats and do not think Planned Parenthood is so bad. We might call these Democrats living in a cult arrangement with their leaders. They are not able to "believe" what they hear about Planned Parenthood and abortion and selling baby parts. They do not recognize the facts to know the "truth" because their "beliefs" hides this.

They also do not comprehend how much money the Planned Parenthood group gives to the Democrats each year for protecting this abortion activity. Selling baby parts is very profitable and you can find out the "truth" and understand that if you see some of the videos that include conversations with the senior personnel in the Planned Parenthood organization.

I hope some Democrats will open their minds up to the "truth" and change their "beliefs," but that is not likely. We "believe" what we "believe" and not much will change it, including the "truth."

Charles A. Totten
Leavenworth, Ind.
December 27, 2017

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Community Band performs at memorial dedication

The Clarion's article covering the Crawford County's Veterans Memorial dedication was very good, and I wish to expand the coverage to include the Crawford County Community Band.

The band was invited to provide music leading up to the dedication ceremony. Under the direction of Andrew Blount, it presented a program of patriotic selections and songs for each military branch.

Band members represent Crawford and five other counties, and includes six U.S. military veterans. Special recognition to trumpeter Phil Reich for his playing of "Taps" during the dedication.

Anyone wishing to join the band can find us on Facebook or at practice each Tuesday, 6 to 8 p.m., Tunnel Hill Free Methodist Church, English.

Kenneth Sharp
Crawford County Community Band
December 06, 2017

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Appreciate recent reader's viewpoint

John Mark Warren's article of Oct. 25, 2017, needs to be given credit for its correct, concise and complete explanation of what is wrong with the world and the enemy we all need to evaluate and be careful of and do what we can to earnestly work against the terrible things these groups are taking action on. We need to be open-eyed to see the real battle being fought by these groups as they continue efforts at transforming America away from God and Country.

He identifies the three groups that are no longer concealing their ideological kinship but openly declare their ambitions of destruction for our American culture. The three are the news media, the liberals and the Democrats. They support Planned Parenthood to abort the unborn, they are the tree-huggers who fraudulently profess climate change is totally man-made, they want homosexual unions to be called "marriages," they do not want immigration laws enforced and have open boarders, they want universal health care so the government officials can decide with their death panels who gets medical treatment or who dies, they want to have all guns removed from the average citizen, and, if you speak against any of this as your First Amendment right, you are called a bigoted fundamentalist and are accused of preaching "hate," a crime for which their Antifa's associates can come and physically attack you, like they do at the colleges now.

Trump has told us he is going to drain the swamp that Washington corruption is. We want this to happen and support him all the way. We see this corruption and the Democrats lying day after day with their goal being to destroy the American dream. We see them excuse other Democrats with sexual crimes, like Bill Clinton. We have seen enough evidence that Hillary's foundation should have an investigation by an independent group since the FBI cannot be trusted. We see she is not treated as we are treated. We see they have no respect for our military forces and take the side of the players taking a knee at the football games during the national anthem. Their magazine, GQ, just named that troublemaker the "citizen of the year" for his disrespect for our country's finest.

We are at a final stand against this group of liberals, Democrats and their propaganda arm called the news media. You can see the lying and twisting of the so-called fake news when they speak of our president. We all need to stand tall and vigorously expose their lies so the uninformed can learn the truth. We must always stand for the truth, because this is the American way. We never give up.

Charles A. Totten
Leavenworth, Ind.
November 21, 2017

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