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Grateful for Young's columns

Politics aside, the writing of Ashira Young offers ways of thinking to help cope with the uncertainties, fears and disillusions of this age. I am grateful to her for sharing her wisdom, and I am thankful that the Clarion News is brave enough to print it.

Marydee Meyer
Corydon, Ind.
February 22, 2017

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Response to Young

The Jan. 11 Ashira Young People's Forum article has mentioned comments from several readers and writers, including David Boone, Charles Thompson and myself, and it needs to have a response.

Of course, everyone agrees it is the common public good to have writers express their views to consider on issues to encourage logical reflection on the issues of the time.

She says her original article (Dec. 7, 2016) was in questioning why the election was determined by only a small number of electors. Does this seem a logical deduction? Does she believe that just 528 people out of the millions of Americans just decided to elect the president?

Doesn't she know these electors are voting in accordance with the results of the November election and state laws require them to abide by people's vote in each state?

She contradicts herself by saying in one sentence that Hillary (Clinton) was NOT her candidate and to assume so is inaccurate. But earlier she claims the writing of the first article was "not sour grapes because my candidate did not win." So, what is the truth?

Another contradiction, please. She mentioned, "I would be more than appreciative if assumptions about me and why I write about certain issues are not made because none of the readers really know me." I would have to say we know the writer pretty well, even if we have never met her.

It is very humble of the writer to state she has "done amazing things that have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people." Does this make her better than all the rest of us and she thinks so and one of the reasons she writes? Perhaps a little arrogance here?

It is also sad to read that her vote was not easily cast because it was deciding which was the lesser of two evils. I have heard this two evils statement before by other people, but I have to say this should be an easy decision since having a presidential candidate backed by Planned Parenthood in the butchering of the weakest humans, the unborn, is inexcusable for any person claiming to be a Christian. (Clinton) has received high amounts of contributions from this organization and strongly defended them when some of the hidden things revealed on selling body parts, even shown on TV and obviously true are false.

Hillary has been proven to have been openly involved in selling the country's access, and the illegal email scandal has now been proven to have been hacked. This email situation was all because she wanted to hide the things she was doing, which is an act against the law and means she falsely signed documents that she would not do this.

She was well recognized by everyone as a person not to be trusted. The other candidate is a very successful businessman with some, but far fewer, problems in his closet.

Also, Young apparently believes that the Northwestern researcher has shown our country to be an oligarchy, and a small number of wealthy and powerful determine the policy of our country. By this belief, I guess no politician pays any attention to the voters who send them letters on issues. A sad statement to believe in and I think untrue.

Also, for proof of the three million votes by illegals is a tough proof since I am sure most of the poll workers may just be following outdated documents, but we also know some places have a planned conspiracy to falsely vote. Sometimes we know the cemeteries get to vote as in Chicago during the Kennedy election by enterprising officials.

Finally, I never mentioned Democrats, but in the three states that were pointed out (California, New York and Illinois), they are continually overspending their budgets and will probably go bankrupt soon. Since you have named the group and I now notice how this group has been promising demonstrations on Jan. 20, I ask myself, is this the proper, balanced way to celebrate the American election system during swearing in of the new president?

Since you also mentioned about the high number of Republican-controlled states and government bodies that has been consistently happening for the past eight years, there must be a reason. Thank goodness the people who vote are now making a decision for a better future.

Charles A. Totten
Leavenworth, Ind.
February 08, 2017

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Young correct about oligarchy

I would like to respond to Ashira Young's comments, since she took over a half page to answer back to readers.

She said that we have an oligarchy because two liberal researchers from Princeton said so. This means that a handful of rich people control this country.

I've known this for a long time. It is the reason why we've always had worthless candidates for president. Someone always had them under control.

Believe it or not, I said five years ago that: 1. We need someone who is not part of the establishment; 2. We need a smart businessman to get us out of debt; 3. We need someone that has plenty of money and could not be bought; 4. We need someone who cares about this country and its people; and 5. We need someone that would clean up Washington and eliminate the corruption. Donald Trump, I believe, is a godsend.

Ms. Young wants proof that three million votes were cast by illegal aliens and four million by dead people. It is obvious that I did not get this from the fake news media. Obama told a bunch of illegal aliens that it was OK to vote. There were also more votes counted than were cast.

Ms. Young wants proof. Does Ms. Young ask for proof from the fake news media who lie to us on a daily basis?

If the Russians helped Donald Trump win the election, then how did Hillary get the majority of the popular vote? How did the Russians help Trump? Did they invade the Electoral College?

I ask Ms. Young to find some proof on this matter. She won't find any because it doesn't exist. The very notion is totally stupid. Liberal Democrats never take the blame for their failures. They lay the blame on someone else.

These rich, powerful people that Ms. Young talks about are very real. Something must be done.

1. Dismantle the Federal Reserve. Throw these people out of the banking system, and they cannot control the economy.

2. Eliminate them from civil office, and they cannot subvert national interests.

3. Do not allow them to teach the media, and they cannot corrupt the morals of our youth.

Only then may we be able to retrieve our constitutional republic as the Founders intended.

Charles Thompson
Marengo, Ind.
February 08, 2017

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Intention wasn’t to strike nerve

I am responding to Ms. Ashira Young. First of all, I must have struck a nerve; that truly was not my intention. My nerve has been struck now for at least 20 years. The response was supposed to be on the Electoral College. First of all, I state up front that I am a Ronald Reagan conservative Republican. Now, with that being stated, I fervently believe that each state should have a say in the presidential election and the only way that is going to be done is by the Electoral College. Chicago was merely mentioned as it is the mega-city that would affect us. The other mega-cities would affect others. The Electoral College is in the U.S. Constitution and the popular vote does not elect the president.

Let me also correct something. I did not say Ms. Young was a liberal Democrat. If my memory is correct, I challenged her to prove that she was not a liberal Democrat; there is a difference. Hillary may not have been her candidate, but you either go for the Independent, Republican or the Democrat, so that by itself kind of limits the choice. The Democrats nominated her, so blame the party! She stated that the election choice was down to the lessor of two evils. I don't see that at all. To me, it is like night and day. Ms. Young is quite accurate on one thing: l do not know her and, therefore, do not know how she thinks. So, for the statement "Ms. Young is feeling bad that her candidate did not win the election," I do apologize for that.

Ms. Young is quite wrong about one thing: the skating ring. The only reason that was mentioned was that a certain party had several years and spent millions of dollars and just could not get the job done. Trump was asked and did get the job done. It is true that anybody could have got the job done, but he was the one who got it done. It is not the Democratic Party that I have a problem with; l have a problem with the liberal part of the Democratic Party. Sam Nunn is a retired U.S. senator from Georgia and is a Democrat of which I have a great deal of respect for.

I like Donald Trump for one thing: He will get things done! I personally want to see Washington, D.C., shook up so strong that their teeth rattle! Our state capital, Indianapolis, needs this treatment also very badly! My dislike of this city goes way back. Many years ago a weekly paper called Gold and Black Illustrated covering Purdue sports was launched, and I even paid the extra fee of having first class postage. Every year when it came down to the Oaken Bucket contest between Purdue and IU, it always arrived one to two weeks late. It was asked why this was? Gold and Black assured us that they personally took the truck down to the post office in Indy. Since it was taken to Indy, the problem has to start there. Since it is not that far, why does it take so long? It has to be quite easy to answer: Either the paper was set aside on purpose or it was sent way far away on purpose!

Also, what is it that the elites think that it is so horrible to have a junior high and that one must have a middle school? I went to a school that had high school seniors and first-graders all together. We all turned out pretty good. The logistics for at least Crawford County is horrible, the busing involved!

Also, what is the problem that Trump and his selectees happen to be rich? First of all, they are taking a pay cut!

Social Security is another one. One of my former bosses had set up a 401(k) with Edward Jones. Edward Jones had arranged a seminar with someone from Social Security and to find out that even 10 years ago the maximum amount that one had to pay to finally pay all for that year was $109,000. Many years ago, I remember my father saying that he finally was done with paying for the year at $3,000. What a difference! Now do you know what the maximum amount that one can get for Social Security is per month? It was $5,000. That is $60,000 per year. If one has such a job for, say, 10 years, they have paid in over $1 million and to only get $5,000 and you can do nothing about it! That, my friends, is a Ponzi scheme! I am old enough to remember that we had a program called the Great Society. Guess what paid for that. Social Security is where L.B.J. went for the money. I could go on for quite awhile.

We do have a great nation and it is past time that restrictions be removed and things change. I am also for all subsidies to be removed! All it has done is cause the small farm to go away. I live on 140 acres that is way too small for agriculture and too large for a lawn. It is time to shake some things up and shake it hard! I think it is time for one of Jack Kemp's ideas to be enacted. Take the public housing and turn it into private housing since the government has done a lousy job and the people would be better served. We can take that money and give it to NASA and, who knows, maybe they can find out what it takes to make a warp engine and we can send someone to Mars and only take an hour versus six months!

Let's make America Great Again! I thank you for your time.

David Boone
Marengo, Ind.
February 08, 2017

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Memorial service to remember former NH band director

This Saturday, a memorial service will be held at North Harrison High School to celebrate and remember Steve Angel, who passed away unexpectedly on Christmas Day.

Steve was a man who had a profound impact on many people around this community during his time here between 1992 and 1999.

Steve arrived at North Harrison, being hired by then-band director Gary Crisp, in 1992 to assist in drill writing and teaching for the North Harrison Marching Cougars. In 1995, he was hired as the full-time assistant band director, a position he would hold until his departure in the summer of 1999.

In those years Steve helped to transform not only the band, but also the students that he taught. He was instrumental in the creation of the North Harrison Winter Drumline program. He was a driving force in the creation of revolutionary marching band shows that would culminate in ISSMA state championships in 1999 and 2000.

Despite his departure in 1999, he would stay on staff as drill writer for the NH Winter Drumline in 2000 and NH Marching Cougars in 2000 and 2001.

He left North Harrison to return to his hometown of New Philadelphia, Ohio, as a band director, later moving to Greenfield Central High School in Indiana to assume the same position. After obtaining his Master's of Educational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University, he would move on to become the assistant principal at Franklin County High School in Brookville, Ind., and then moved on to become the principal at Northeastern High School in Wayne County, Ind., where he was employed at the time of his passing.

The family requests that any memorial contributions be made to the Steve Angel Memorial Fund, c/o First Federal Community Bank, P.O. Box 38, Dover, OH 44622 to assist with the children's education.

All are welcome to attend the service, which will be held in the North Harrison High School auditeria beginning at 6 p.m. this Saturday, Jan. 14. There will be refreshments and memorabilia from the band, guard and drumline shows from Steve's tenure. There will also be marching band, drumline and guard shows playing on loops to enjoy.

Jeremy Bean, Former NH band student
January 12, 2017

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CPPL thanks public for program support

The Crawford County Public Library staff and I would like to thank the community for supporting our Star Reader Program.

We are delighted with the support, books and monetary donations made by library patrons and the Friends of the Library.

The program provided books to 180 children in need as we partnered with Crawford County Community School Corp.'s Star Tree Program.

As this year was our first for the program, we hope to support the school corporation and continue to provide books in the future.

Tracy Underhill, Crawford County Public Library Director
January 12, 2017

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Columnist responds to readers

I wanted to take a moment to respond to those who wrote articles in the Clarion commenting on my recent article, "Revisiting the value of the Electoral College."

First, I always think it is helpful to ponder controversial issues. My purpose in writing the article did not spring from sour grapes because my candidate did not win. It actually came from a questioning about how the results of two elections within a mere 16 years were determined not by a preponderance of the majority of the population voting for one person over another, but by a small number of electors. It gave me pause for thought.

I would like to correct several statements that were made by David Boone. First, I write articles with the intention to simply give my views and to encourage readers to contemplate ideas and issues. Some of them will be controversial, for sure. I intend it that way so people will ponder and assess. They are not meant to cause readers to judge me personally, but to judge the content of the article. I attempt to be balanced and fair and not come from a strictly partisan perspective. I will say that I have never said I was not a liberal Democrat. I am about as liberal as they come, but I have worked mightily to be balanced and consider positions from both sides.

Second, Hillary was NOT my candidate and to assume so is inaccurate. She made grave errors in judgment and I, too, did not trust her. My real feelings were great sadness that, in this amazing country in which we all live, we were ultimately offered a choice between two poor candidates. My vote was not cast easily. It was one that came from which was the lesser of two evils. I would be more than appreciative if assumptions about me and why I write about certain issues are not made because none of the readers really know me. To say, "Ms. Young is feeling bad that her candidate did not win the election" was not what prompted me to write about the Electoral College. It WAS about wondering about the fairness of having many more people vote for one candidate over the other where the candidate with fewer popular votes won.

Third, just because Trump helped fix a skating rink in New York should not confer a justification for him becoming president. I, along with many others, have done amazing things that have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people, but that does not make me (or others) necessarily qualified to become president. Neither should making a ton of money.

Responding to Charles Thompson, I would like to say that you are splitting hairs when you correct me about the concept of "democracy." I am well aware that we have a federal constitutional republic. However, our form of government is, indeed, considered a democracy in terms of its form of governance. We do indeed have a "democracy" (or a democratic form of governance called a "democracy") and a constitutional republic operating together. Ironically, however, a recent scientific study from Princeton researcher Martin Gilens and Northwestern researcher Benjamin Page has shown that our country is actually operating as an oligarchy whereby a small number of very wealthy and powerful people determine the policy of our country. While the masses believe they have power, these researchers found they have very little when it conflicts with the agendas of the few who determine policy.

I would also ask Mr. Thompson to "prove" that three million votes were cast by illegal folks and four million by dead people. Show me the proof from reputable sources and I will adjust my position. It is interesting that, if you believe this, then you are essentially lending credence to the idea that our election system should be tossed out because it is fraudulent. Also, I find it hard to believe that every single one of those alleged seven million people voted Democratic. How many do you suppose might have fraudulently voted Republican? Your statements do not pass logical muster.

Concerning the comments about mob rule, I chuckle because I guess all of us voters can be lumped into the term "mob." Using your logic, we, the voters, are all just a bunch of "mobsters."

Responding to Charles Totten, yes, New York, California and perhaps Illinois have a preponderance of Democrats (you missed Massachusetts). But Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska and Arkansas are solidly Republican. If you look at the total number of governorships, the make-up of Congress and the majority of legislatures, Republicans now control a record 67 (68 percent) of the 98 partisan state legislative chambers in the nation.

Somehow I do not think that Chicago or New York will ever tell anyone what to do.

Ashira Young
Milltown, Ind.
January 12, 2017

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Give Trump a chance

I have read Ms. Ashira Young in the past, and I will admit that I generally disagree with her. I do get a kick of where she is not a liberal Democrat. Well, after reading her revisiting the value of the Electoral College, I do personally challenge her on that one.

Ms. Young is feeling bad that her candidate did not win the election. I hate to bring up this fact that the Electoral College has always been the final vote; the president was never popularly elected. Now, it is quite true that what the Founding Fathers set up is vastly different from what we have today. Who in their mind could have imagined having super cities? I would say that the reason for the U.S. Senate to help Rhode Island versus Georgia has just as much reason today for the Electoral College. For example, the city of Chicago has more population than either the states of Indiana and Kentucky. I for one do not want Chicago telling me what to do! Also, I hate bringing this up, but her candidate should be in prison. Since she was the Secretary of State, where was the Marine attachment for Benghazi, and why the private server of which she did sign a document stating that she would not do that?

Hillary was a poor candidate who thought that she would get elected merely because she was who she is. I would recommend Ms. Young do some studying on Hillary, like White Water, for example. The Republicans had two pretty poor candidates, and so we lost. Trump was not my first choice, but he is not bad. Has Ms. Ashira Young ever read the book "The Art of the Deal?" Has she ever heard of the ice skating rink in Central Park? Ed Koch was the mayor and he called up Mr. Trump. He stated that, since you claim to be Mr. Superman on fixing up things, what about our ice skating rink? Trump told him that he would be glad to look at it and fix it, but you, Mr. Mayor, are going to sign a contract first. Koch had to be informed that signing the contract would prevent him from getting in the way. Upon Koch signing the contract, Trump sent his main engineer down there to see what in the world is going on. The guy was down there for about half an hour and informed Trump that the ice skating rink could not make ice at the south pole. It seems that the cooling coils were made of PVC pipe, not copper tubing.

I gave Obama a chance. Shouldn't you give Trump a chance? I just thought that I would give you another view.

David Boone
Marengo, Ind.
December 21, 2016

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Electoral College safeguard against mob rule

This article by Ashira Young bothered me so much that I just had to respond.

It bothers me when people call our form of government a democracy. A democracy is not the kind of government our forefathers intended us to have. You cannot have a democracy and a constitutional republic at the same time. A democracy is mob rule. It is the same kind of government that the Romans had. A mob may choose someone that is the most popular or well liked. Mobs usually do not make the best decisions. In any case, you're at the mercy of the mob. The Founding Fathers were wise enough to know this. They ended up giving us the best form of government that human flesh could offer, a constitutional republic. They formed the Electoral College to offset the mob. If you eliminate the Electoral College, you'll end up with mob rule once again.

Let's consider our recent presidential election. Donald Trump 306 electoral votes, Hillary Clinton 232 electoral votes. They say Hillary won the popular vote. Well, if you took away the three million illegal votes she got and the four million dead people that were counted, she would have lost the popular vote, as well. Hillary cheated and still lost. I call that the divine providence of God.

Charles Thompson
Marengo, Ind.
December 21, 2016

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Thank God for Founding Fathers

I cannot help but give an opinion on the Dec. 7 Ashira Young commentary on "Revisiting the value of the Electoral College." She stated the two primary reasons: 1. It was to give power to the smaller states; 2. It was to create a buffer between the general population and the election of a president. The Founding Fathers were concerned that a manipulative or tyrannical person could sway the voter's minds and be elected whether he/she was qualified or not. Having an Electoral College helped ensure that people who were electors could appropriately analyze the qualities of the candidate and have the discernment to judge those characteristics, thus protecting the process. She thinks it is time to eliminate the Electoral College and go for a straight majority vote. She could not be more wrong.

The first reason, to give power to the smaller states, has some meaning when you call this country the United States of America. The "United States." Giving each state the power by majority vote to elect the electors works very well and was vital in protecting this country on this election. Not having this process would basically leave the vote to New York and California, and perhaps Illinois. The three states that are the most liberal and have the largest budgets that are way out of control and the most short-term- looking politicians who will do anything and say anything to get re-elected and do not enforce country-wide laws on illegal immigration. They have these things in common and are leading the way to bankruptcy for our country.

The second primary reason was welcomed in this election, since we had a politician who has been involved in all sorts of visible open crimes, and because she is a woman who thinks it is now her turn, she has earned it by staying on the front page of the liberal media for years. Who could say she is not a manipulative and tyrannical person who throws things and yells and screams at her staff when she does not get her way, and, yes, even throws things at the past president of the United States? They certainly deserve each other. Her influence for the future is also a large black hole, as she has stated she intends to follow the past eight-year president in the things he has changed since he hates this country and thinks this country is the source of all the world's problems. She is against the police and for Black Lives Matter who say they want police dead. She will not change the economy for the better, but keep it stagnant as the last eight years have been. She will further weaken the military, and we will lose what little international stature we have left. She is exactly the avoidance reason we have the Electoral College process.

Thank God for the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.

Charles A. Totten
Leavenworth, Ind.
December 21, 2016

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Schuler Bauer
Barbara Shaw
02 - 26 - 17