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Clarionnews.net offers local news, sports, much more

Web-version of Clarion News available online today

February 06, 2008
The Clarion News is now online at www.clarionnews.net.

The Web site offers online versions of the news and sports featured in the newspaper as well as Web-specific features, including photo galleries, blogs and columns.

In addition, the Web version of the Clarion News includes archives of news, sports, features and obituaries beginning with this week's issue, as well as each week's Coming Events and letters.

Clarionnews.net also includes the Classified line advertisements in each week's print newspaper and other advertising.

While the Web version of the newspaper includes several items from each Wednesday's print version, it is unique. Besides the photo galleries, blogs and special columns, the Web site includes opportunities for readers to write feedback concerning articles and will include more-detailed information and features of items in the newspaper.

"We are excited about clarionnews.net, and believe our readers will be, too," Clarion News editor Chris Adams said. "Clarionnews.net will grow over the next few months, and we encourage readers to check in often to see the several new features we add."

Jonathan O'Bannon, publisher of O'Bannon Publishing Co., said he envisions clarionnews.net being the host for a community conversation, a place where people can go for information and everything that makes people a community.

"We're happy to provide a one-stop resource where people can learn about the local news, sports and features that affect them and their families," he said.

Adams added that the weekly Clarion News will continue to be the area's top print resource for community information, and the online versions will add to that.

"We believe the Web and the print versions of the Clarion News will each offer readers a reason to first turn to — or click on — the Clarion News for local news and information," he said.

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    February 08, 2008 | 12:25 AM

    Thanks for the Website. Have been a subscriber to the old Crawford County Democrat and Clarion news for many years.

    J. Leo Schotter Jr., Jacksonville, FL
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    This is great
    February 09, 2008 | 08:43 AM

    Thank you so much. This will allow me to keep all of my family (all of which live in other states) current regarding the happenings in our town. The Clarion really covers our area.

    E. Ward, Marengo, IN
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