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Reader missed ‘true content’ of column

I would like to respond to Mr. David Boone and the unidentified caller, who, as usual, project inaccuracies onto me. They barely read the true content of my articles and chose to pick a comment about being pro-life and completely misinterpret it.

If you read my article completely and digested it, I am saying that you can’t be pro-life and force legal immigrants with deadly diseases who are being treated in this country to be banished from the U.S., which would surely cause their death. You can’t be pro-life and have children ripped from their parents’ arms, some of whom will never see their parents again.

It is hypocritical, and it has nothing to do with what party you belong to. It just so happens our president is a Republican. If he were a Democrat, I’d say the same thing. You must be consistent across the board. You pick and choose what constitutes pro-life, and it is disingenuous.

To Mr. Boone, I would say that not all Republicans disagree with my positions. And, I would welcome a debate on any issue. I find it humorous that you feel you would win a debate with me. I was valedictorian of my high school, am a cum laude Harvard graduate, an Honor Society graduate of the IU School of Social Work with straight A’s and straight A’s in my Ph.D. program. Furthermore, I was the debate champion three years in a row at my high school. Delusions of grandeur run high, Mr. Boone.

I would also watch your grammar. To say, “there has been two vice presidents … ” is grammatically incorrect. It should be, “there have been two vice presidents … ”

To use ice-skating rinks to underscore our national debt is absurd. How about the billions of dollars being diverted from critical military needs for national security to build a border wall? Fix our visa system first.

How about all the money we have to spend carting our president to all his golf resorts, where he personally makes money (breaking the emoluments clause) and sending Guiliani and AG Barr all over the world at taxpayer expense to engage in impeachable offenses?

Your comments are rambling and do not address the underlying issues of my article. You want to debate? Bring it on.

Ashira Young

Milltown, Ind.