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Woods, Young ‘dead wrong’ about Trump

To all the liberals that just love Mrs. Young and hate President Trump, all I can say is, this (is) America and you have that right. I will openly debate Mark Woods and Mrs. Young anytime and beat them in the debate. They are both dead wrong. Yes, President Trump does tweet too much, but what this man has done is just very great. If Congress would just do its job, it would be even better.

I hate to inform those people that at present the Democratic Party does not even have a chance. There has only been two former vice presidents to ever been outright elected to the presidency, and a U.S. senator from either party has never beaten an incumbent. And I hate to tell you that President Trump is an incumbent.

You both mention the national debt. I have a question for both of you: What happened to all that money? The ice skating rink in Central Park in New York City had several million dollars spent and it could not make ice. Why was that? At one of Trump’s rallies that question came up about the rink, and Trump answered it. The cooling coils were made of PVC pipe. Who approved that? Several million dollars for something that will not work.

We hear about climate change. Well, I ask both of you where did the Great Lakes come from? I went to Purdue and that was discussed. Guess what? We had an ice age about 12,000 to 15,000 years ago that dug out the Great Lakes. I hate to tell you that it takes climate change to first cause the glacier to expand and then another climate change to melt it.

I am all for cleaning up the lakes and rivers. The national debt? Well, if we would quit giving welfare without causing people to at least go to work, if nothing else sweep the streets, it might help.

How much taxes are we supposed to pay? I don’t care how much somebody makes, there has to be a limit on how much you pay in taxes. Or, the state of Florida trying to reintroduce crocodiles into the Everglades. How stupid is that? Don’t they have enough alligators?

Yes, I know they have a Republican governor and, yes, I do like him, but I would have to ask him about that one.

Folks, all I can tell is the Dems should be glad they are not going against me as I would give them an acid stomach. At times, President Trump is a pussycat, but at least he is trying. I would have the National Guard down at the border and you either go through the door or be shot. Unless we annex Central America, they are going to come. So, build the wall and go through the process; otherwise, MS13 is going to come through.

On gun control, I do think we should look at Switzerland and what they do. Incidentally, you would have to serve in the armed forces, at least in the reserves.

David Boone

Marengo, Ind.