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Chili supper, auction to kick off fundraising for LUCAS device

The Marengo-Liberty Volunteer Fire Department is actively seeking donations for a LUCAS Device. Let me explain a little bit about the LUCAS Device.

The LUCAS (Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist System) is a mechanical CPR machine. It is used in the pre-hospital setting by first responders to deliver effective chest compressions that deliver vital oxygen to the brain and can prime the heart for successful shock. Performing manual CPR is difficult and tiring to first responders. Giving first responders the proper tools needed to assist them in a life-saving situation should always be a priority; however, in a time of budget cuts and constantly asking volunteers to do more with less, this is not always the case.

Crawford County does not have a hospital, which can make transport times long. Performing effective CPR for 45 minutes during a long transport is not nearly as effective as it would be with a mechanical CPR device. That is the reason behind Marengo-Liberty Township Volunteer Fire Department’s decision to seek fundraising for a LUCAS Device. Our goal is to raise $16,000 to purchase the first LUCAS Device for Crawford County.

On Dec. 1, we are hosting a chili supper and raffles to kick off the fundraiser. Any donation you could give — be it monetary or in the form of an item for our raffle — would be greatly appreciated to help us meet our goal as quickly as possible. The sooner we can reach our goal, the sooner we can get this LUCAS Device in the hands of the volunteer first responders who work tirelessly to keep our community safe.

Thank you for your consideration of a donation. Please contact me personally at 812-972-3837.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Billie Gilmore


Marengo-Liberty Volunteer Fire Department