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Early work on bridge project alleviates worries

The concerns I expressed in the Oct. 29 commissioners’ meeting were based on the only information I had: from a man standing at the north end of the 32-foot span last summer. “The new bridge will extend eight feet this way.” It seemed to me that taking the bridge north while the creek channel was moving south was unwise.

I was happy with Daniel Crecelius’ information that the contract was signed and start imminent.

I had no luck in contacting Earnie Keck, but on Friday, Nov. 1, I talked with two men examining the area closely.

Happily, they represented C&R Construction and, true to their word, the work crew arrived Monday, Nov. 4, before 7:30. Rick Crosier, C&R vice president, had shown me the plans wherein the new bridge will extend four feet in each direction, north and south.

All my worries vanished as I watched trees come down and the old bridge disappear. I’m eternally grateful to all who helped this happen.

Sue T. Chapman
Milltown, Ind.