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Bell lacks wisdom, maturity to serve as Crawford judge

Judge Bell is seeking forgiveness for the poor choices she made leading to a month’s suspension from the bench. While I applaud all the corrective steps she is taking, her detailed plea for understanding carries a strong odor of desperation that she might not get re-elected.

In my view, she never should have been elected in the first place. She is far too young to have the maturity, wisdom and life experience that such a position requires. Her “choices” that night clearly demonstrate it. She acted like a college student out on a night of partying.

Of course, I can forgive Judge Bell, but, if she is truly remorseful, she will resign. If she had the wisdom necessary for her role, she would clearly see that someone with such poor judgment is in no way qualified to adjudicate others, at least at this time in her life.

She stated that circumstances (i.e. suspension from the bench) do not always accurately reflect who people are, but rather the choices they have made. That may be true, Judge Bell; but, your choices are the fruit of your character, and the best thing to do is to step down so that you can concentrate on growing into the person you were meant to be.

And while voters may be disappointed, they are equally complicit in the judge’s night of poor choices. Why elect someone so young to a role that requires maturity and experience? I suspect it had to do with voting the straight Republican ticket. Although I belong to the same political party as Judge Bell, she did not get my vote for the above reasons. Her opponent was a man of character with outstanding qualifications and a long history of service to the community. Unfortunately, for the citizens of Crawford County, he happened to be a Democrat.

We need to be much more thoughtful about our votes going forward.

May God give us the wisdom and discernment we need for the next election and give Judge Bell the same.

Katheryne Rogers