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January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020 January 22, 2020

• The worst threat to America is not Iran; it’s not North Korea; it’s not that fake climate change crap. It’s the Democratic party. They turned hard left. They want to go Socialist. Look at Bernie Sanders. He wants to make America like Venezuela. You see how happy they are over there? Everything free. Well, it don’t work that way. Eighteen to 34 kids today are living in the basement of their parents’ (darn) house. Half the country doesn’t have a job. They’re going to vote for the free (stuff). Shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless you have a (darn) job and own property, I think, and pay taxes. At least have a stake in the (darn) game. All this free (stuff) needs to be cut out. America, like Bob Dole said in the ’90s, went to (heck) in a hand basket. It sure has gone to (heck), I tell you.

• I’d like to comment about our president of the United States. I am a 70-year-old lifelong Republican who’s going to drop the Republican and vote Democrat. Donald Trump and a lot of his cronies are nothing but amateurs. … They’re terrible. The most terrible president we’ve ever had. …

• Today is Jan. 15. I saw a mosquito, a night crawler, a red wasper, a snail, geese flying north and my neighbor’s apple tree has got buds on it. Would somebody please tell the misinformed, misguided Republicans that global warming is a reality and children that they claim to care about will be the ones who suffer?

• I seen in the Clarion newspaper yesterday where the county commissioners were presented with a road plan for 2020. I wonder if anybody put in the plan when you have all these rock roads in Crawford County that you have to do some ditching to provide for the water runoff instead of just running off the road and washing the road away and then put more rock on it and run the road grader over it. Looks like that’s what gets done, so maybe we need a really good engineer to come in and help Crawford County take care of the rock roads that we have to live with the rest of our life up here.