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January 29, 2020

January 29, 2020 January 29, 2020

• I’m always amazed when I read some of the Clarion Calls’ opinions, especially when people are attacking President Trump. A caller last week said that Russia was involved with the Iran attacks. If that was the case, then us taking out the terrorist general from Iran would also be an attack against Russia. The United States is much safer with President Trump in there. He’s not the one who gave billions to Iran to help with their nuclear weapons development. That actually was President Obama, a very liberal Democrat. Our world is much safer taking out the terrorist that Trump took out, and Iran is now trying to move towards democracy with their citizens rallying against this evil regime. Thank you, President Trump, for your leadership and thank you, President Trump, for not having anything to do with Russia in this encounter and nor was Russia involved in electing President Trump. The citizens of the United States elected him fair and square.

• I’m just curious why the Bacon Ridge Road wasn’t paved all the way to the Orange County line. And also, when Bacon Ridge comes to the Orange County line, there’s no stop sign there where two roads come together.

• This is in reference to the call in about the West (Crawford) Elementary School. In the mid-’60s at Patoka Elementary, now West Crawford, a second-grade teacher was in bad health but wanted to get one more year of teaching in; therefore, the class had 13 substitute events. Many of these boys and girls both needed help filling out job applications. Today, at almost 60 years old, they still struggle. Please don’t let our children down again.

• I’m a disabled Iraqi combat veteran, and I’d go back in if I could, but I know why the Dems in D.C. hate President Trump as bad as they do, because he’s not bought and paid …

• This is for the blue SUV that just blew the railroad track crossing at Marengo going north on (S.R.) 66. You don’t value your life very much. The crossing was down, and the train came. You’re risking your life and several other people’s lives by running the crossing.

• After reading the board deadlocks story in (the Clarion News) paper last week, isn’t it time we elected school board members that are willing to take a stand for our children? If you can’t form an opinion, you shouldn’t be there. … Good for the ones that voted for our children. The voters should question why the others did not and what their agenda is.

• I’m 40 years old, and I think President Trump is one of the best presidents we’ve had since Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. Our unemployment is out of the red. People are spending money. And if you look at Walmart parking lots, they are … full … so our economy is doing fairly well. All this hype about President Trump being the worst president we’ve ever had is just speaking out of ignorance. As far as global warming, … there is no global warming. History has a tendency of repeating itself, and ignorance truly is bliss. Instead of everybody always complaining, why don’t we gather hands, pass around smiles and think about something positive for a change? All this negativity is nothing but a bunch of ear crap. Thank you, and everyone be blessed. I love you all.

• I’m calling in response to President Trump being the worst president classified in the Clarion (News) that we’ve ever had. I think that is ignorant. He is not the worst president that we’ve ever had. That would be Obama then Bush then Bush. OK? Let’s get our history straight. History has a tendency of repeating itself. President Trump has got the economy out of the hole. If people don’t have jobs, it’s because they don’t want to get off their lazy derrieres and get one. Look around. (Many) place(s) (have) a “for hire” sign in the window. We need to open our eyes to reality and not this hogwash that the media wants to push on us all the time about impeachment, global warming and all these issues that don’t really matter. Who cares who uses what bathroom? Who cares who wears a skirt or who don’t wear a skirt?  Enough is enough, and we need to address the real issues of this country: poverty, hunger, homeless people living in the street. Let’s wake up and do something about something instead of just always sitting around complaining about it. How about that?

• It is scandalous how some disabled military veterans have been treated in this country by companies and individuals. These disabled vets have almost given their lives for America and then get treated terribly.

• I’d like to wish all of our veterans and our current soldiers in active duty a very loving and happy Valentine’s Day. May God bless you and keep you all safe. Thank you for your services.

• I couldn’t hardly stop laughing long enough to call in about the caller that said Putin was involved in the U.S. attack on the citizens in Iran. Are you kidding? I would be more apt to trust Putin than Obama with giving billions of our taxpayer money to Iran. Get it through your head: Trump was our duly elected president not because of Putin, but we couldn’t trust … Hillary Clinton. She’s guilty of too much crime and Benghazi and Epstein didn’t kill himself, to have ever been elected president. She would have made a mockery out of the office of the president. I’m thankful every day she wasn’t elected.

• In America, the belief is you are innocent until proven guilty unless you are Donald Trump. He is innocent because he says so. U.S. Sen. Mike Braun has the same belief that Trump is above the law. Do you want to hear from first-hand witnesses during the impeachment trial? I do. Now is the time to be heard. Flood Braun’s call line with your opinion about testimony at hearings. 1-317-822-8240. Let him know what you think.

• I’d like to refer to the caller who was comparing the United States with Venezuela. … it seems to me like this (person) has never been there. I was a missionary in Venezuela for seven years; was asked to leave by the government a few years ago. There is no way America is anything close to what Venezuela is. In Venezuela, the government owns everything. They dish out what they think you ought to have. It’s just no comparison. …