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February 12, 2020

February 12, 2020 February 12, 2020

• Thank you to Stephanie Ferriell for good ideas beautifully written.

• To the caller that called in saying we need to contact Mike Braun about the testimony at hearings, thank you. I called repeatedly and told him that Congress had the chance to call as many witnesses as possible so the burden of proof was on them. They failed. Our president didn’t commit any crimes. It’s now time to stop wasting our time and money and start working for the American people, something Democrats seem to not know how to do. Also, the caller that said Venezuela isn’t like the U.S., they were talking about if the Democrats can get Socialism we would end up like Venezuela. I would have to agree on that.

• It takes a sick individual to do what the man in Marengo (allegedly) did … I have children that live in Marengo. Now I have to worry. Seems like the (accused) was bailed out. …

• Three things that cannot be hidden are the sun, the moon and the truth. Buddha.

• I’m calling in regards to something I seen on the news the other day. More and more people seem to be abusing animals, and I think it’s sad. God made all creatures. Animals have souls, too. If you see anyone abusing an animal, just as you report them abusing a child, please report them abusing an animal. Animals need our voices for their protection just as our children do. Let’s stop the abuse cycle no matter who is being abused. Report the abuser and get them justice to what needs to be done. Everybody needs to love everyone.

• My name is Jim Fraze, and I’m calling in response to the caller that had questions concerning the veterans facility in Crawford County. All money that has been used so far has been donations from county residents as well as others outside the county. Fairview church, Alton Legion and Birdseye New Hope Church have done fundraisers as well as the music festival we put on. We have support from the English VFW, Alton, Marengo and Milltown Legions as well as donations from Jasper and Elizabeth Legions. We had one family donate the contents of their mother’s estate as well as many others donating to yard sales that raise money. We also sold T-shirts and hoodies and have received money from a church in Valeene. An anonymous donor wrote us a check to pay for the property, and we have others willing to give us grants. We have asked nothing from the county as far as tax dollars and have no plan to do so. Our facility is solely for helping those that have served their country and are down on their luck. Fortunately, there are plenty of people that respect this and are willing to help.

• I’m calling in regards to (last) week’s call about the person who stole the $66,000 from the Boys & Girls Club from Crawford County, and (they) failed to put in there that all the money was paid back in full. While it’s not a good situation, the money was paid back, so let’s not forget that.

• In regards to the person who could not understand how a woman who was convicted of stealing over $66,000 of the Boys & Girls Club would only receive a dollar fine and two years probation. Sure doesn’t seem like a fair and reasonable sentence to me …

• Just witnessed something tonight that was amazing … Crawford County girls’ basketball team played with the heart and soul … Go Wolfpack.