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February 26, 2020

February 26, 2020 February 26, 2020

• Someone mentioned that they received something in the mail about cutting Social Security and Medicare. They were asked to sign it and send it back in. … At the present time, I pay $135.50 a month for Social Security on my Medicare. It comes out before I even get it. The president, in his State of the Union address, said he will always support Social Security. This is all some people have to live on. The president also said something that startled me. He said without him there would have been no more Social Security.

• I’d like to wish each and every one in the country of the United States a very loving and happy Valentine’s Day. I’d like to wish our soldiers, both on duty and at home, a Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for your services. We love you. And Jesus loves you all. Amen.

• Love is the antidote to hate. I’m calling in regards to the newscast about the Wildlife in Need Foundation. There are a lot of rumors about that place and how they abuse the animals. I would like everybody to take a look around them this year. If you see animal abuse, please report it. It’s the same as a person and human being abused. They have souls, too. Again, love is the antidote to hate. Let’s spread the antidote and end this virus of hate that’s going around in our world and country today. Let’s do our part. Report what you see wrong and do your part to abide, protect and obey the laws.

• I was calling in regards to Highway 64 between Marengo and New Salisbury. I know in the past five years it has been chip and sealed three different times, and whoever reads this that is working for the (state) highway department, please let the head of your department know that we don’t need any more chip and seals. My brother came over the other day and he thought he was having a flat tire. If you can get the highway department to actually repave the whole road, that would be great.

• Dear God, please make it rain brains so I’m not surrounded completely by idiots who want to drive constantly on their phones. Amen.

• I hear the Crawford County school board thinks that English High School is too small for the middle school. For their information, the last time they had school there they graduated 240 seniors and there were 290 children in the grade school. That totaled up to be from the sixth grade through high school 383 students. That would leave 170 students over the 400 students that are in the middle school now. They can’t build the ball diamonds or the track, which is intact, plus outside tennis court plus room for soccer if they need it and a practice football field. I think that they should come over and look over it because they could take the stuff out of Marengo and furnish the school. They ought to have second thoughts on not using the English school for a middle school.

• I live in Palmyra and I knew Chrissy. She always had a smile on her face, and I want her family to know my heart and sympathy goes out for them. Chrissy will be missed, especially the smile she always had. Rest in peace, my friend.

• I cannot understand how any person could be sorrowful for a person who knowingly would steal over $66,000 from anyone, especially a boys and girls club, to say that this is OK as long as it is paid back. This is giving criminals the idea that the Crawford County judicial system is fair game for their illegal operations. No jail time for anyone who gets caught. Just pay it back. This is a bad idea for the rest of us who live in Crawford County.

• Would somebody in the Crawford County Republican party please explain to me why gun rights are more important than job rights? It seems to me like the Republicans have got more to worry about than fictitious gun problems. So many jobs have left the area that there’s no longer any good jobs left. I’m talking about everything from Jeffboat, Pillsbury, Colgate, General Electric. The list goes on and on about the good jobs that have left. Republicans don’t seem to have any answers to the health care problems that’s facing the poor of Crawford County. I think the Republican party needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Get off your (rear) and do something for the Crawford County citizens.

• Just a question: How many light colors are allowed on the front and/or rear of American-made cars drove on the American streets?  It seems to me we’re getting blue, green, white, all kind of colors in the front and in the back. The lights are too bright. They’re too blue. If they can’t go back to fixing them, they ought to try again.

• Our disabled military veterans deserve to be treated with the highest of respect. In some cases, this has not been the case. In some cases, the treatment has been shocking. Here’s hoping that such treatment will not happen in the future in America.

• I think there should be a law made against forced acceptance. We should not have to be forced to accept someone because they choose to be gay. We should not have to be forced to accept someone because they choose to be black and white coupled. We have the freedom of speech. We have the freedom of rights here in America. So, there should be a law for forced acceptance. When we don’t accept something, we’re called hateful or a racist. I’m sick of it. I’m tired of paying the price being called Nazi because of who my ancestors happen to be. I’m tired of paying the price today for what they did in our history. It’s not our fault and we had nothing to do with it. We shouldn’t have to keep paying the price for this crap. We shouldn’t have to be forced to accept things we do not choose to accept. That’s all.

• As one of the organizers of the gun sanctuary in Crawford County, I would like to express my opinion as extreme disappointment. Hardly anybody came. I want to see support for our guns come out. People need to voice their opinion. I hear on the street all the time where people are worried about losing their guns to the liberals. You’re going to have to get out and show your support. The rally was disappointing. We will try again later.

• I’m looking over the Clarion newspaper I received today, and there’s no Clarion Calls section in it. I really miss Clarion Calls, and I hope to see it weekly. It’s a good job, and I like hearing what the community has to say. Clarion Calls and Clarion News, keep up your good work on the information that we receive.

• There’s a saying that the old wise people used to say: “Look before you leap, and think before you speak.” I like to put a modern twist on that. “Verbally say it and forget it. Post and print and regret it.” Think about that, especially when you’re signing on Facebook. Just a rule of thought. Facebook’s a joke.

• I was calling in reference to the, it looked like a little bit of a sad story there that the councilmen can’t come up with any money for the part-time employees. I guess what I read there I didn’t see nobody going over to the county commissioners and talking to them about can you guys get some businesses in this county to help offset the taxes so we can pay these part-time employees? Nobody’s looking for jobs or creating jobs. What’s the deal? Looks like we need some major help in the county to create some employment for these people in Crawford County or even for these part-time workers. What do they do, just sit at home and come to work when the county has the money? A little hard to understand that story. It was almost a sob story in a way.

• After reading the officials lobby council to reinstate funds for part-time positions at the Crawford County (Judicial Complex), it seems like the elected officials need to get some management in to help them. It looks like they’re having the problem — it’s not the part-time employees — and they’re trying to figure out how they can raise extra money. You know where they’re going to get the extra money from? Bottom line: taxpayers. So, don’t be wasting our taxpayer money. Try to figure out how you can manage our taxpayers’ money for the benefit of the county. And as far as the election board having a girl off sick, you going to work 58 hours replacement with two part times, that’s more hours probably, I guess, than the full time’s pay is. And the election board is very important in Crawford County this time around. When you read stuff like this in the paper, maybe it’s time to elect some people that can manage this and do the job right and cutting jobs in Crawford County and not adding jobs. That’s age old. I mean, that’s older than dirt. New jobs in Crawford County? Where? Crawford County needs a total makeover; I mean, a total makeover.

• My comment is on the equipment that the Palmyra law enforcement, Mr. (Dennis) Lemmel, is needing for the noise control and the speeders. I think their equipment does need updated. I live close to the four-way and, let me tell you, the semis jake brake going through town like it’s a drag strip. The dual diesel trucks go through, pluming their smoke through town like they just don’t care. Something needs to be done about the speeders through Palmyra before someone gets hit and killed, especially a child. There’s a lot of children that walk around this town and go to places to play and walk from school and what not. We need to be safe for our children and our citizens and our community. Something needs to be done about the noise, two and three o’clock in the morning when they’re romping with their loud speakers or the semis jake braking. It’s ridiculous, and something needs to be done. I completely agree with Mr. Lemmel that they’re doing what they need to do to patrol the town. I see them patrolling constantly, and I praise their job and tell them to keep up the good work for our community. Be safe and the way it is and we need to be just a little bit safer with the speeders and the diesel plumers.

• I love your stories. I’m not originally from here. I’ve lived here going on four years now, but I would really appreciate it if you would print happenings before they occur rather than after. It’s the 20th today and I’m just reading about Winter in the Woods that took place Feb. 1. Well, very interesting story but that doesn’t help me at all. I’d like to know about things before they happen, and I find this is rather a common occurrence with interesting news stories that you post. So, if you could consider that, that would be great.
Editor’s note: A press release about the Winter in the Woods did run in the newspaper prior to the event.