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March 4, 2020

March 4, 2020 March 4, 2020

•  I would like to thank Crawford/Harrison forest DNR for burning off the woods … and smoking out … residents that live anywhere close to the forestry. … At the same time, I would like to thank our state and county political people that do nothing about trying to stop DNR from burning off the forest and smoking out all the individuals. Hopefully, these state and county residents can get the same smoke one of these days.

• I  own seven guns, and I pay attention to this stuff. I have never heard of a politician, either a conservative or a liberal, say they were going to take my guns away from me. Get real, people. Stop being so paranoid.

• Folks are concerned about some of what has occurred in our country and rightly so. My concern is how some of our disabled military veterans have been  treated by the government, by companies and by individuals. I have helped disabled veterans now for several years, and I will continue to do so even though I am also a disabled veteran. Some may not have a conscience. Otherwise, they wouldn’t mistreat disabled veterans. Hope to God that they’ll be treated well in the future.

• I’ve lived in Marengo all my life, and every time I go to the town board office nobody’s there. Is there anybody that works for the Town of Marengo any more? If so, would you all please do your job and get the town of Marengo cleaned up? It is an embarrassment driving anywhere in Marengo. Trash is in the alley. Trash is on the street. Would somebody please make people clean up? We’ve got dumpsters that we paid for. We’ve got trash cans. Would somebody please get on the ball and clean Marengo back up to make it the beautiful town that it was?

• Here’s a free lesson: Stop means stop. It does not mean slightly tap on pedal. When approaching a four-way, in a counter-clockwise motion, the person to the right of way has the freedom to go first. Make sure you come to a complete stop at all four-ways and stop signs. Look both ways before you proceed. Forty miles per hour is the law and speed limit (where posted); it is not a suggested speed limit. Let’s drive safe. Drive a little bit slower, stay off our phones and abide by the road rules and laws. Otherwise, don’t drive at all if you can’t drive.

• I wanted to make a comment about the gun sanctuary in Crawford County. If me and my wife had known about it, we would’ve definitely been there to support it …

• I’d like to comment about a photo that was on the front (page) of the Clarion (News) a couple of weeks ago of these gun-toting vigilantes who look like little boys playing Army. They were not carrying squirrel guns or rabbit shotguns. They were carrying man-killing devices, and I’d like to know who they’re planning on shooting with these man-killing devices. Remember, … put your guns up and clean them and try to be safe.

• I absolutely love the town of Palmyra. The people are friendly and, like the signs say, they’re a pal to everyone. Everyone smiles. Everyone has a southern feel to them. I enjoy the activities in town and the park at Buffalo Trace. The lake is a very beautiful place, and it’s fun to go feed the ducks and geese, and the free petting zoo is a plus also when it’s open during summer hours. To go pet the animals is really cool and fun. I’d love to see Palmyra decorate more during the holiday. The big evergreen by the bank in the center of town would be awesome decorated as a Christmas tree, and I think the fire department could very easily help do that with their laddering, hanging decorations that perhaps town people could donate. It would be an awesome event to start and a good tradition. This town is full of tradition and it’s a close-knit, safe town. I call it a modern Mayberry. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to move but still be able to work here. That’s the best part. Maybe one day I’ll  be able to move back when I retire. I’d love nothing more. I want everybody in town to know that I love them and I thank them for their great hospitality. Palmyra is a definite recommendation for a family to be raised and a young couple to move to start their life. I wouldn’t recommend any other town. Thanks, guys.

• Harrison County Animal (Control Facility) does a super job. Staff kind and helpful, animals healthy, cages clean and good community support. Shame on neighboring counties who fail to work and find funds and support.

• This is for some of the people responsible for the death of a friend of mine by drugs. Keep selling your drugs. I mean, the law might not catch you for it, but, I tell you what, God will get you. Come due time, God will get you.

• Some things need to be said. Some insurance companies cannot be trusted. Stick with reputable companies. If a veteran, try USAA and the companies they recommend. Be very careful when selecting an insurance company as some may not honor your claim. There is a lot of unfairness in our country.