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March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020 March 18, 2020

• Recently) in Crawford County, a woman beat a girl up with a tire tool. That was bad enough but, not only did she do that, she took the baby and the car seat and threw them out on the highway and left them there. What’s this world coming to?

• I’m just talking about the Democratic Socialist party. Socialism ignores a side of man and woman of the spirit that can provide shelter, fill your belly full of bacon and beans, treats when you’re ill, all the things that are guaranteed to a slave and a prisoner of war. They don’t understand. We also dream. It wasn’t in a mansion. Hard work and properity. The American way. Something give to you. Not appreciated. …

• Well, I guess I’ll be voting Democrat this year. I’ve been a lifelong Republican in Crawford County, and it just isn’t working out. I went with the Republicans in a presidential election, and you’ve seen what that got us. …

• I was calling about the comment the commissioner made they’re waiting for the rain to move through before they could rock the road. If they would properly ditch the road, they probably wouldn’t even have this problem. But, I guess they don’t have no engineers or nobody in charge of the county roads that knows how to properly ditch a road so the roads don’t wash out. And, they need to take a look at Williams Ridge Road. There’s a place where the water goes underneath the culvert. It’s just as wide as a school bus is and it’s getting worse. So, get off a chair, get out here and look at these roads and do something about it.

• … I would encourage everybody to live their life of commitment as they promised when they get married.

• We would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to the English fire department for responding to the chimney fire at our home on Feb. 27. We thank them for their promptness, time, kindness and consideration of our property. They are a very valuable group of volunteers to our community. Also, thanks to 911 dispatch.

• See something, say something. As a caregiver of a child with special needs, I would like to ask the Crawford County school system what happened to No Child Left Behind? The children attending the co-op are not getting the attention they need and deserve. For all the teachers that chose this profession to better improve a child’s life, I want to say thank you. For those teachers that are there for a paycheck, guess what? You’re not doing these children any favors. It’s time to move on.

• I am calling about the attendance policy in Crawford County. I was wondering if any other parents also think that the carpet in the elementary schools could be the problem for our children holding germs and who knows what else? Maybe this is why our children are getting sick all the time and need routine allergy shots, because I don’t see carpet in hospitals. Why, you ask?  Because they hold germs. I think as parents we need to be asking questions about that. Turn the attention to the schools where our children are for eight hours a day. Just wondered if any other parents feel the same way.

• I agree 100%with the caller last week talking about the speed limit. The four-ways, drivers down there in Marengo and old town and all that. The speed limit’s 20 (mph), for God’s sakes. Tailgaiting. It’s crazy. And, I’d like to know when the Town of Marengo is going to do something about the roads in town. The roads are deplorable. Pleasant Street all the way to (S.R.) 64. You’ve got to do something with these roads in town. Pay attention, town council. The town council needs to be doing something about this. …

• Let’s get rid of unfairness in America. Be careful when you deal with insurance companies. Some folks have paid premiums for many years and, when they report losses, insurance companies would not honor their claims. When purchasing homeowner’s insurance, the homeowner expects all damages to the home to be covered. Let’s get rid of all technicalities. Amen.

• If the caller who keeps calling into the Clarion (News) complaining about the way veterans are being treated could be a little more precise about what (the caller) means. (The caller’s) not really saying much of anything. If the veterans are being mistreated, give us an example of that. So far, my experiences with the V.A. and the public around me has been outstanding. I’m well satisfied with the way the V.A. is treating me and everybody else, so maybe the caller could be a little more precise about just what (the caller’s) talking about.

• I was calling in about all the comments about Mr. Trump, our president’s vacation, his ride around the Daytona (500) track. We didn’t see all these complaints about it being a 24/7 job when Obama was in, and he’d fly from D.C to Chicago to have a cheeseburger or his vacations in Hawaii. We didn’t hear no complainin’ then, so why are we hearing all this complainin’ now?