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April 8, 2020

April 8, 2020 April 8, 2020

• I’m calling regarding court in Crawford County and the (judicial complex) being closed down. I was just wondering why Crawford County can’t seem to be able to do something via computer or kind of think out of the box as far as holding court and keeping things going over there. There’s family court cases. There’s guys sitting in jail that could probably come out that are needed at home with all this stuff that’s going on. Crawford County just shuts down and doesn’t do anything. I just think that all the other counties are holding court and being creative with how they’re doing it so that people’s lives can go on.

Editor’s note: Crawford County Judge Sabrina Bell said last month she plans to use video conferencing and conduct hearings by telephone when appropriate. Bell also said she would grant continuances and allow a lot of leeway for the next two to three months. For information about a specific case, go online to or call 812-338-3113.

• I’m calling regarding (a comment) that was in the Clarion (News) a short while back which states would someone in the Crawford County Republican party please explain to me why gun rights are more important than job rights? Now, I’m a Democrat, I’m a legislator and I’m a leader. I know that Crawford County is a poor county; I’ve lived there. But, this person needs to realize that (their) gun rights were not given by Crawford County Republicans. This is from the Constitution, and we cannot allow these people, regardless of which portion of the Constitution it is, to begin to destroy the Constitution any more than they already have. But, the person needs also to realize that they need to attend their town council meetings, their county council meetings. They need to see what is on their budgets, how much money they have, what they have to work with, what they need to do. Get some towns together. Go to the county. Say, how can we get new industry into the county? Go to the state and say, we have a group here that wants to talk to you regarding trying to bring industry into Crawford County instead of just simply blaming something on the Republicans that they had nothing to do with. As I said, I’m a Democrat but this is in great error, and they’re talking about jobs being gone from Jeffboat, Pillsbury, Colgate, General Electric. Jeffboat’s in Clark County. Pillsbury was in Floyd County. Colgate in Clark County. General Electric in Jefferson County, Ky. So, those aren’t Crawford County jobs. What they need is to go to work and try to bring jobs to Crawford County. ….

• I’d like to comment about the preachers who insist on having church and drawing a crowd during the pandemic. I think these people are selfish. I think these people are interested in what money they can draw at the meeting by soliciting money from their parishioners. I think they’re inconsiderate and maybe a little bit uneducated. They may not even know what a pandemic is. That’s my opinion, and I hope that we get through this.

• I just went to town to the Dollar store to get (indecipherable) so I could pay my property tax, and the traffic was horrible. Stopped by the bank; liked to have never got out back on the road for the traffic at Marengo. And then, I went to the Dollar store and sat there so long that somebody pulled up beside me waiting too because they had to wait, so I kind of was depending on them and my seeing at the same time so he took off so I started too but then I had to stop because there was another car. I mean, the traffic was terrible. I went to the post office to mail this. When I came back up on to (S.R.) 66 I had to wait on a motorcycle gang. People are out there doing (things) they want to do except they are not allowed to go to church. There is something bad wrong with this picture.

• A heart-felt thank you to the pastor and volunteer at (English) Wesleyan (Church) food pantry in English, Ind., for providing food for us. The pantry was not open at the time. The pastor and the volunteer took care of our needs. Our Lord guides and provides. Pray for all our cancer patients and our country.

• I am really disappointed. I’m sitting here at the Walmart parking lot. It’s 6 a.m.; specified time for seniors. I asked customer service face to face last week about senior hours. They said 6 a.m.; no days were specified. I get here Monday morning 6 a.m. so I can get in get out and get done with my probably one shopping for supplies day for about two weeks. I am told at the door that I am only allowed for a senior day on Tuesday at 6 a.m. You didn’t tell me that when I inquired, and I am extremely disappointed in this procedure that you all have done specifying now a day rather than just the time …

• God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love,  power and a sound mind. Fear is not of God. What time I am afraid I will trust in thee. Fear not for I am with thee. The fearful will go to hell. Read Revelations.

• I’d like to comment about the Kentucky governor, (Andy) Beshear. He’s doing a wonderful job. He’s actually communicating daily with his constituents. I want to know, being an Indiana resident, where is the Indiana governor?

Editor’s note: Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb is also having daily briefings, which you can stream live online or find stored on the internet.

• I agree with our president, Donald Trump. … All you’ve really got to do is have good hygiene, wash your hands and just ride it out. It’s just the flu. We always have the flu. It’s every year.

• Now with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, people need to really pay attention.