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Hospital focuses on patient safety

Hospital focuses on patient safety Hospital focuses on patient safety
Viewpoint of Steven L. Taylor, CEO, Harrison County Hospital

On behalf of the entire HCH staff, we sincerely hope you are doing well and staying safe during this nationwide COVID-19 public health emergency. Although we have continued to provide traditional urgent and emergent hospital services, the unpredictable characteristics of this virus has led to temporary suspensions of some elective services and various process changes to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and community. Like most hospitals, we have implemented health status screening protocols for everyone that enters an HCH facility, have limited visitors and have established appropriate infection control safeguards, including use of masks and proper physical distancing.

We greatly appreciate the understanding and compliance from our community in order to reduce the spread of this COVID-19 virus.

As we look to the future and further develop protocols to best care for our patients, we realize that patient care delivery may look different for a while. Through this, a principle objective is to assure our patients feel safe should they need to visit the hospital or a physician office for clinical services. Please know that we are taking the appropriate safety measures to ensure that your health care visit is conducted in an efficient and effective manner. Even through these most difficult times, we remain true to our mission of providing quality health care services to you.

For safety and convenience, most of our physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are offering telemedicine visits that can be conducted from the patient’s home. When it is determined that a provider needs to see a patient in the office, new protocols are in place to assure patient and staff safety. An example of these protocols may be waiting in your car instead of the waiting room and wearing a mask.

Please contact your physician/provider’s office for specific service delivery details and hours of operations.

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