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The Laundry Room helps keep community clean

The Laundry Room helps keep community clean
The Laundry Room helps keep community clean
The Laundry Room in English features a large number of dryers and washers. It is open every day. Photo by Stephanie Taylor Ferriell
By Stephanie Taylor Ferriell, Senior Staff Writer, [email protected]

William and Sarah Windhorst, owners of Windhorst for the Home in English, felt confident a Laundromat would be well-received locally. The couple own a Paoli Laundromat as well.

“We had lots of customers driving from Crawford County to Paoli,” said William Windhorst. “We had a lot of feedback saying Crawford could use one.”

About a year or so after Windhorst for the Home opened, the couple started looking into opening a local Laundromat, eventually deciding to build on land they own next to the furniture store along S.R. 64 West.

“The town was helpful, and the Crawford County Economic Development Corp. helped with the revolving loan fund,” said Windhorst. “Everything just seemed to fall into place.”

The Laundry Room opened Feb. 15. Three weeks later, the state largely shut down, gripped by COVID-19. Deemed an essential business, The Laundry Room remained open but business slowed to a crawl.

“People were just doing the minimum,” said Windhorst. “It was scary as a business owner.”

With the economy re-opening, “it’s getting busier every week,” he said.

The Laundry Room is 3,000 square feet and contains 36 washing machines and 26 dryers.

“There’s plenty of machines, and they’re rarely all used,” said Windhorst.

Some of the machines can accommodate loads as large as 40 and 60 pounds.

“They hold either four or six loads,” Windhorst said. “That helps in getting caught up quickly.”

Customer comfort is key.

“The No. 1 priority is that it’s clean and family friendly,” said Windhorst.

The facility has overstuffed chairs, a big screen TV, video games and a children’s play area. There’s a drop-off service as well.

Windhorst said customers can leave their laundry in a locker. It will be washed, dried and folded. Customers receive a text when it’s ready, along with the code to the locker it’s in.

“It’s really convenient,” said Windhorst. “It takes just two minutes to do your laundry; a minute to drop it off and a minute to pick it up.”

Dry cleaning is available through a drop-off service, and a wash, dry and iron service is available through the Paoli location, which has a commercial steam iron and press.

The Laundry Room is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. with an attendant on duty from 6 p.m. to close nightly during the week and from 9 a.m. to noon on weekends.

“We’ve had nothing but positive feedback,” said Windhorst. “It’s a part of life that people need. It’s not exciting, but it gets down to the basics; getting your laundry clean and keeping life going.”