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Crawford keeps virus restrictions in place

Crawford keeps virus restrictions in place Crawford keeps virus restrictions in place
By Stephanie Taylor Ferriell, Senior Staff Writer, [email protected]

With COVID-19 cases increasing in some areas and Indiana delaying moving to the final phase of the Back on Track plan, the Crawford County coronavirus task force decided at its July 7 meeting to keep local restrictions in place.

“We’re obviously still battling this thing internally and externally,” said Morton Dale, president of the board of commissioners. “I know everybody is anxious to lift restrictions and get back to normal. I don’t know that we’re at that juncture today.”

Dale noted that last month the commissioners renewed the emergency declaration adopted in March, extending it through July.

“The government is keeping things the way they are,” said Eric Satterfield, county environmental health specialist. “I wouldn’t advise changing anything yet because of that.”

The task force decided to keep current guidelines in place at least through July 17 and to continue meeting weekly at this time.

That means anyone conducting business at the Crawford County Judicial Complex must wear a mask. Anyone who has any symptoms should not enter the building.

EMS director Tim Farris said one ambulance crew member tested positive for COVID-19 and was currently quarantining. No other EMS members were showing symptoms.

Mike Benham, chief of the English Volunteer Fire Department, said firefighters who worked a crash with the infected EMS member were told to monitor for symptoms.

Benham expressed concern about where coronavirus numbers could be heading.

“I’m a little leery this thing may be expanding more than we thought,” he said.

He asked about testing in the county, saying there could be some people who need to be tested but aren’t able to obtain one. It was noted since Crawford County doesn’t have a hospital, one avenue many communities have isn’t an option. It was also noted the state has not set up a local testing site as has been done in some communities.

As of July 13, there had been 670 residents tested. Crawford County has had no deaths from COVID-19. There have been 33 positive cases as of Monday.

There was some discussion regarding what disinfectants work best with concern raised by Benham from a resident who had issues with rubberized material after cleaning it.

Harsh disinfectants with a high percentage of alcohol will dry rubber out, said Farris.

Dr. Martin Dixon said the old-fashioned method is best.

“They decided early on that soap and water works very, very well. It’s just as good as some fancy something or other,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be anything special.”

Dale said while some areas of the country are reporting an increased number of positive cases, “it doesn’t sound like we’re having near the deaths we once had through the country nor do the cases that are positive look as severe as they were. That’s good news.”


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