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September 2, 2020

September 2, 2020 September 2, 2020

From the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department

Arrests & Releases

Aug. 7 — Zachary Sturgeon, 29, Milltown, warrant: pointing a firearm, criminal recklessness

Aug. 7 — Stephen Poynter, 61, Taswell, warrant: stalking, harassment

Aug. 7 — April Andry, 40, English, domestic battery, resisting a law enforcement officer, criminal recklessness, disarming a law enforcement officer (GPS monitor)

Aug. 10 — Alaina Duncil, 30, Madison, housing for District 39

Aug. 10 — Tonja Hoskins, 47, Madison, housing for District 39

Aug. 10 — Kristi Skaggs, 36, Borden, housing for District 39

Aug. 10 — Beth Massie, 39, Deputy, housing for District 39

Aug. 10 — Christina Walters, 25, Madison, housing for District 39

From the Crawford Circuit Court

Aug. 6 — Amanda Barnsfather-Henson, 38, Milltown, cruelty to an animal, Class A misdemeanor, 360-day sentence, 134 days executed, 226 days suspended to probation, credit for 134 days, $236 in fines, fees and costs plus $1,022.39 in restitution

Marriage licenses

Aug. 11 — Harry W. Oldham, 79, Ava, Ill., son of William M. and Helen Oldham, to Lorene M. Hendrickson, 89, Leavenworth, daughter of Henry G. and Theresa M. Schotter.

Aug. 20 — Kimberly Morgan Hanger, 35, Marengo, daughter of Tina Ater, Hardinsburg, and Jeffery Hanger, Marengo, to Cory Douglas Byrum, 37, Marengo, to Glenna and James D. Byrum, English.

Clarion News prints all judgments, dissolution of marriages and arrests and releases listed at the Crawford County Judicial Complex in English. There are no exceptions.


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