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September 9, 2020

September 9, 2020 September 9, 2020

From the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department

Arrests and Releases

Aug. 11 — Robert Wilkerson, 43, Eckerty, housing for District 59

Aug. 11 — Kurt Sheets, 41, Birdseye, warrant: domestic battery, strangulation, possession of paraphernalia, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of marijuana

Aug. 11 — Michael Johnson, 40, Leavenworth, warrant: probation violation, illegal possession of a syringe, assisting a criminal, resisting law enforcement

Aug. 11 — Amanda Beckman, 42, Leavenworth, assisting a criminal (15-day hold)

Aug. 14 — Cynthia Fraze, 22, Marengo, burglary, theft, making false sales receipts

Aug. 14 — Jordan Johnson, 21, New Salisbury, burglary, theft, making false sales receipts, possession of paraphernalia, dealing in paraphernalia, unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, false informing, synthetic I.D. depiction, dealing in methamphetamine

From the Crawford County Clerk

Dissolutions of marriage

Aug. 14 — Ashley Haymaker (name restored to Parker), Milltown, vs. Andrew Haymaker, English

Aug. 14 — Justin Carlisle, English, vs. Allie Carlisle (name restored to Laswell), Clarksville

Aug. 14 — Sabrina Botti vs. Kevin R. Nesbitt

Aug. 15 — John M. Cox, New Albany, vs. Jennifer L. Cox, English

Aug. 15 — Paul Gabrel vs. Vivian Gabrel

Clarion News prints all judgments, dissolution of marriages and arrests and releases listed at the Crawford County Judicial Complex in English. There are no exceptions.


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