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Error corrected on Crawford election ballot

Error corrected on Crawford election ballot Error corrected on Crawford election ballot
By Stephanie Taylor Ferriell, Senior Staff Writer, [email protected]

If you are one of the small number of Crawford County voters who has received a ballot by mail, you are being asked to check it carefully and possibly return it.

There is an error on the ballot.

County clerk Lisa Holzbog said she was notified Friday morning of the mistake. A candidate for the District 2 school board seat is listed instead as a non-partisan candidate for county council.

Holzbog contacted both of the other election board members, Chase Smith and Toni Clark, after receiving a phone call about the issue. When the ballot proof was examined, it was discovered that it had been submitted correctly to the printing facility.

“It was a mistake on their end,” said Holzbog.

Corrected ballots were being printed and were expected to be received at the judicial complex by Sept. 21.

Smith said while this is obviously not a good situation, it’s very fortunate that the mistake was caught early.

“If it had been next month, it would have been a big problem,” he said.

A relatively small number of ballots had been mailed when the mistake was discovered.

Smith said if applications for absentee ballots are any indication, voter turnout will be high for the General Election.

There have been between 300 and 400 applications received thus far.

Smith said in 2014 there were only 600 total absentee ballots, and that included those who voted in-person at the judicial complex.

Because every ballot must be accounted for, the election board is asking those who have received an incorrect absentee ballot to return it. Friday afternoon, a mailing was prepared and sent to those who had been mailed a ballot.

Those individuals should have received a letter, including an ABS-5 form, earlier this week. Each is asked to complete the form and mail it, along with the ballot, in the postage-paid envelope included in the mailing as soon as possible.

Corrected ballots will be sent to those voters.

The election board reminds voters that all absentee ballot requests must be received by Oct. 22. Voters mailing inballots in are advised to tell the post office the mailing is “in house.” That way, it will be sent directly to the judicial complex, not to Louisville.

Oct. 5 is the deadline to register to vote in the General Election.

For voting information, call the clerk’s office at 812-338-2565, ext. 3.


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