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Why are you getting the COVID vaccine?

Why are you getting the COVID vaccine?
Why are you getting the COVID vaccine?
Melissa Jeremiah
Melissa Jeremiah, RN, CHCE, Director of Operations, Hoosier Uplands Home Health and Hospice

I thought I would pose the question “Why are you getting the COVID vaccine?” to my family and co-workers. I was surprised by the variety of responses I received. Here are their answers:

• Because my wife said I had to take it. No, seriously. It was a no brainer to me; just like the vaccines we received as a child in my mind.

• I was skeptical at first. Then, to stay healthy; I don’t like being sick. To keep my family healthy. To protect my patients, at-risk population. To contribute to the greater good of society. I believe community functions better when we make a difference where we can. To be a role model; someone has to go first and prove safety, so others will follow. I’m an early adaptor.

• I would say I want this pandemic to end. I want a return to normal for families and businesses. I think the vaccinations are the only way to achieve this, and I trust the science. I think getting vaccinated is our public duty, and I hope the vaccines are available worldwide as soon as possible.

• I received the COVID vaccine to protect my family, co-workers and friends.

• My decision was two-fold. I have an autoimmune disease and my rheumatologist advised getting the vaccine. I also feel that I chose all the other available options to prevent/treat illness or infections, and the vaccine should be looked at as a positive step toward normalcy.

• For me, I suppose it was a combination of things, one being I wanted to protect my family and not bring anything to them and cause them to get ill. I wouldn’t have been able to stand it if I might’ve caused them to get sick and possibly lose their life. There are so many people who are afraid of the vaccine and/or just refuse to get the vaccine; and I felt like if I could help show others to trust the science and be an example to others that it’s OK to get it, then that’s what I should do when I got the opportunity to receive the vaccine. I also think getting the vaccine (as well as wearing a mask) is me loving thy neighbor, just like God expects us to do. Lastly, and maybe selfishly, I got it for myself and my own peace of mind. COVID has caused me to have anxiety this past year (which was hard for me to admit, but I needed to), as it has with others as well. The fear of getting it and possibly dying or my husband and kids dying terrified me. My doctor told me once I could get the vaccine that I needed to because it would hopefully help with some of my anxiety I was having with the pandemic. I had already planned on getting it, but, when she explained it to me that way, it was even more of a reason to do so.

• To do my part in putting the world back to semi-normalcy and so I can see my friends and loved ones safely.

• For me, why is not the correct question. Rather, it should be, who are you getting the COVID vaccine for? I received the vaccine for my son, who is 31 and on the liver transplant list. I didn’t get the vaccine for myself.

Why are you getting the COVID vaccine? Or, who are you getting the COVID vaccine for?