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Loftus Farms prepares for strawberry season

Loftus Farms prepares for strawberry season
Loftus Farms prepares for strawberry season
Jacob Loftus, foreground, and his father, Gary, are shown picking strawberries on their farm in 2019. Gary has since passed away. Submitted photo
By Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Since 1952, the literal fruits of labor have been grown at Loftus Farms near Georgetown. From strawberries and cucumbers to peppers and cabbage, nearly any sort of vegetable or fruit someone could want is grown on what is now a 400-acre farm.

The farm has been passed down through three generations: starting in 1952 with Jerry and Jean Loftus, to be handed over to their son, Gary, and his wife, Debra, and now it resides in the hands of their son, Jacob, and his wife, Brittany.

The legacy of farming runs deep in the Loftus family, especially in strawberry farming, which the family has been doing for more than 100 years on various farms. The family is working to incorporate the community more into their legacy by offering U-Pick events.

At the strawberry U-Picks that will start soon, Brittany said they are inviting anyone who is interested to their one acre of strawberries to pick their own completely-untouched fruit.

Pickers will be provided a gallon bucket that they can take throughout the farm to pick their berries. They will need to bring their own containers to transfer the strawberries picked to take home.

“We are really proud of having delicious, local berries for the entire community,” Brittany said. “This is a legacy we are extremely proud of and to be able to share it with old and new friends is a dream that has been passed down through generations.”

The Loftuses currently have four varieties of strawberries: Earliglow, Galletta, Honeoye and Seascape. Each range in a variety of sweetness, but Brittany said her favorites are either Earliglow or Honeoye. All the berries are a bit sweeter than what one would find in a typical grocery store, she said.

The strawberries range in size as well.

“We have large berries for people looking to make strawberry pie or small ones for quick snacks,” Brittany said.

Those interested in strawberry U-Pick days can check Loftus Farms’ Facebook page or new website,, for daily updates.

The U-Pick field is located to the right of the farmhouse at 1918 Edwardsville-Galena Road in Georgetown.

For more information, call or text 812-972-1057.