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Marengo council needs to leave enforcement to police department

A threat is when an individual is told they will suffer repercussions if they don’t comply with the demands of a person/group.

Over the past several months, the Marengo Town Council has allegedly threatened residents with arrest, prosecution, fines, etc. They deny doing so. If one MTC member makes a threat or demand in the town’s name, they speak for all MTC members. If those actions are improper or illegal, all can be held responsible.

A resident was allegedly threatened by a member of the MTC over a note that was written, as a joke, by someone else. The resident denied writing or having knowledge of the note, and the MTC publicly implied she was a liar.

When past councils made requests to residents, it was first discussed at a public council meeting, a course of action was determined and a letter was mailed or the town marshal delivered the paperwork. No elected MTC member ever allegedly put on a badge and visited a resident with demands and threats. Why? Because an elected official cannot be disciplined by other elected officials. Because they can’t be disciplined, elected officials should not make visits to residents representing the town. Law enforcement is trained in how to deal with individuals. Visits should be the marshal’s job, not an untrained elected official.

Marengo has several juvenile gangs and pill heads roaming the streets and property is being broken into, stolen and set on fire. The MTC needs to focus on having our limited law enforcement concentrate on patrolling our streets and stopping the vandalism instead of measuring to see how tall the grass is.

A comment in a recent People’s Forum letter shows the ego and mindset of the MTC. They stated they were focusing on making people have “a sense of pride.” Did any of you watch “Patton”? That was his excuse when he bullied and slapped a soldier in a hospital bed because he was suffering from the battlefield injury now known as PTSD.

It is the character, morals and spirit of a person or town that matters, not their appearance.

Gary Robinson, Marengo, Ind.