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County makes changes to revolving loan fund

County makes changes to revolving loan fund County makes changes to revolving loan fund
By Stephanie Taylor Ferriell, Senior Staff Writer, [email protected]

At its Nov. 9 meeting, the Crawford County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to make changes to the county’s revolving loan fund.

Cheri Taylor, with Indiana Region 15, explained Crawford County was awarded the federal funds in 1999. She said there were actually two funds with one for economic development.

Taylor described the required reporting process as “cumbersome” and said there was now an opportunity to request a release of federal interest in the money. The change will allow the county more flexibility in how the money is used.

The revolving loan fund board, said the commissioners, will continue to operate as it has. The change, however, will allow the money to be used for economic development projects if needed.

Following the commissioners’ action, the Region 15 board will now request the release as well, said Taylor, explaining it is a two-step process.

Also during the meeting, Clint Murdock, chief of the Milltown Volunteer Fire Department, spoke to the commissioners concerning Crawford County Community Park. The property is currently the subject of litigation. The county has made an offer to purchase the property, currently owned by the Lucas Family Trust.

Murdock said there is interest in building an additional fire station at that location. When the Milltown Fire District was established in 1998, it covered Whiskey Run Township as well.

The ISO rating (which affects property insurance rates) isn’t as good in that area as it is in town, Murdock explained, because of the distance from the fire department. An additional station would improve that as well as response times.

The commissioners responded that they can’t make any decisions about the property at this time because the county doesn’t own it; however, they will consider the request in the future.

The commissioners announced Crawford County was awarded funds for road repairs through the Indiana Community Crossings grant. Crawford County will receive $374.017, the full amount requested. The county will provide a 25% match.

The commissioners adopted a resolution giving notice they intend to accept the funding and comply with INDOT requirements.

“We don’t get this every year,” said Commissioner Morton Dale. “We’re lucky this year we got it.”

Dale announced the new south ambulance station, located at Leavenworth, has passed an inspection from the Homeland Security office with no violations found. It is now being utilized and staffed.

The board voted unanimously to re-appoint Jeff LaHue and Gary Wiseman to the Leavenworth Fire District Board. Their four-year terms will expire in January 2026.

The commissioners denied a request to forgive an ambulance bill, noting, if EMS is called to a scene, there is a charge associated with their response.

The board approved the annual agreement with Purdue Extension for $46,170.

Also, the board voted to declare surplus county equipment, including no longer used vehicles, bridge steel and old culverts, and to sell it at auction.

Outernet Broadband representatives again appeared before the board. The company is seeking permission to place equipment on a tower at Milltown.

Dale told them the board has not yet reviewed their submitted business plan and suggested they return in December.