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Veteran gets vehicle from Martin’s Body Shop

Veteran gets vehicle from Martin’s Body Shop Veteran gets vehicle from Martin’s Body Shop
By Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer [email protected]

Transportation can be taken for granted when one has access to a vehicle each day to go to the grocery store, take kids to school or to visit friends and family. However, some people don’t have that privilege of owning their own vehicle sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control.

But, there are still good people in the world working to make life easier for others, and one of those people is Doug Martin, owner of Martin’s Body Shop with two locations, one in New Salisbury and another in Edwardsville.

After joining the National Auto Body Council, Martin attended numerous events and meetings where vendors set up, and he was immediately compelled to help with the Recycled Rides program that is put on through the council.

Through the Recycled Rides program, council members team up with collision industry colleagues to refurbish and donate vehicles to individuals or service organizations in need. To date, Recycled Rides has given away more than 2,500 vehicles, valued at $36 million, across the country.

One of those vehicles was recently donated by Martin’s Body Shop in New Salisbury to Army veteran Jason Bomba. The entire staff and their families were able to welcome Bomba to the shop with a round of applause while surrounding his new car, a silver Chevy Impala.

Bomba explained that his mother saw the advertisement from the Harrison County Veterans Services to apply to win a free vehicle from Martin’s in The Corydon Democrat newspaper some months ago and encouraged him to apply.

“I never thought in a million years I would actually be chosen to win,” Bomba said. “Everyone has been great to work with in this process, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Bomba recently has been serving as a guardian for a 4-year-old boy and works numerous jobs. He shared that he had been trying to save to find a good vehicle to buy and this was a blessing he never expected.

Martin said the car was donated by State Farm Insurance. It was classified as a total loss vehicle before it was repaired.

“We give a lot in our time and things around events in our community, but to do something this special for Jason, who turned from a veteran to taking care of a child who he has taken in, and this car is only going to help him provide for the boy even better,” Martin said.

The event ended with food and celebrating together, as Bomba was able to drive the vehicle off the lot at the end.